Use it up Update 3 – Throw stuff away

Products, products, products. 

Some more from my store in my cupboard. 

 Here’s some apparently contrary advice in a use it up challenge. Throw stuff away. 

  • If it’s seriously expired. 

I was checking through some of my stash, dreaming of how nice it will be to have a clear shelf in my bathroom cabinet, and picked up some lice shampoo. Now we haven’t had lice in this household for years but I held onto the shampoo just in case.

Well, it expired in 2008. Tells you how long ago we had an infestation. When youngest darling son was in primary.

Time to toss. And with a chemist 5 min walk up the road, I don’t need to be a chemist warehouse myself, especially not for expired products with serious chemical ingredients. 

  • If your skin reacts to it

Threw out a sample cream that made my face flushed. I’m not so obsessive that I will use up samples I react badly to.

  • If it is annoying 

I threw out, and didn’t use up, a lip gloss. One of those apparently plumping glosses. I think all they have is the ingredient from capsicum so your lips tingle and you think they are plumping. I don’t need my lips to be irritated and I have enough lip glosses to not need to hang on to this one.

  • If it’s smelly

Threw away another lipgloss that was a bit wiffy. Sign all is not well with the ingredients. 

Goodbye smelly lip gloss

8 thoughts on “Use it up Update 3 – Throw stuff away

  1. Nice work – all good reasons to toss. I need to get through the old facewash – it’s the Mary Poppins of pump packs, let me tell you!!

    On 18 August 2015 at 06:41, lucinda sans wrote:

    > Lucinda Sans posted: “Products, products, products. Some more from my > store in my cupboard. Here’s some apparently contrary advice in a use > it up challenge. Throw stuff away. If it’s seriously expired. I was > checking throug”

  2. Yes, all good reasons. I know someone who used expired sunscreen on her face and had a severe reaction that scarred. Scary stuff! For products that are not expired but not desirable, I think about whether it could be of use to anyone. For example, if I use a shampoo once and don’t like the scent when it’s in use, why not donate it – it wasn’t a sealed product to begin with. If it’s so annoying I wouldn’t want anyone I know to have it – good reason to toss!

  3. Those are all really good reasons…if I stuck to them all religiously, I’d have less clutter in my bathroom, too.

    Foolishly, I pulled everything out of my bathroom cabinet on Sunday night, thinking I’d have a purge…it’s still all spread over the floor on Tuesday. Total decluttering faill – pulling it all and spreading it about! There’s so much more stuff in there than I realised.

    How gorgeous is Crabtree and Evelyn? I found a whole stash I’d forgotton and my goal this week to actually use some of it every day.

    • That’s apparently the new way. Pull everything of one sort out of all cabinets. Then you’re left with a mess you can’t fit back in. And time problems. And I thinkits wasteful to just toss.

      Slow and steady, I say.

  4. All good ones! Reminds me I need to check my sunscreens and make sure none have expired. My only exposure to Crabtree & Evelyn was a hotel we stayed in a few years ago for our anniversary – they used all Crabtree & Evelyn products. Lovely! Those were hotel freebies that I took home and used!

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