Use it up Update 4 – Death to sachets


  • For degree of difficulty in opening 

I used to think I’d keep the little sachets, you know the ones in magazines or that Avon sales people give you, for travelling but I keep a couple of little bottles that I refill. So as part of this challenge I decided to use sachets up early in the challenge. 

If they go then it might make a larger dent in the appearance of clutter. Possibly?

So off I went to use  sachets of shampoo and conditioner. 

Well, I remembered why I hate those little sachets. They can be impossible to open. Got the shampoo open easily. No hassles. The conditioner decided to not play. Couldn’t open it. (Had to cut it and use a later time.)

Then I got out of the shower and the sachet of face cream opened easily!

No rhyme nor reason.

  • For product serving size

And really, all that packaging for so little product. Sometimes too much for one use and not enough for two. 

  • For unknown scent

It is always a risk opening and using a sachet as scent is very important to me. I can get headaches and nausea from some, others I just hate and others I love. I am especially fussy with hair product cause it is so close to my nose and mouth. But I can’t bear to throw them out without using. Must stop them coming into my house. 

  • For unknown colour

I used a sample of Avon foundation, thinking it was OK in the dull morning light, only to find I looked like an ommpa lumpa in the toilet at work. Such fun!

And here’s some more of my stash:


Bought the iconic No 7 from Boots in London, March 2015. Not touched yet.


GWP of magazine. Years ago. Not used.


8 thoughts on “Use it up Update 4 – Death to sachets

    • Maybe it was was the exchange rate but I didn’t find Boots that cheap or cost effective. I can get Nivea cheaper here. And we have great Australian made face and body products that are cruelty free.

      A friend offered to buy the No7 products but I didn’t schlep it back from the other side of the world to not use it. Just going to take me time to use up everything.

  1. I did laugh out loud at the ompa lumpa comment! Will you send me the brushes – not cause I ‘need’ them, but mainly cause I ‘want’ them. Just like clutter shuttling? There’s a sparkly powder I’ve had since school, and i’d prefer a brush.

    • Really? You really want them? I don’t need them but have been umming around because I can’t give them to a niece as their mothers would think me stingy. But I don’t want to throw them out. If you seriously want them, email me sans_lucinda at yahoo dot com dot au and we can trade addresses and I will post them.

  2. Lol the delights of low early morning light. At least it wasn’t navy blue shoe + black shoe.

    Sachets are a nightmare. I keep thinking they’ll come in handy for travel but we acquire more when we travel and still don’t seem to use any. I think I’ll conscientiously try to use up some samples this weekend.

  3. These seem to be less and less common around here. I remember I used to get 1-2 samples in every magazine issue, but rarely get any now. The scents were always a problem for me too – some were quite strong!

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