Use it up slip up

Opps. Bought a magazine. It came with a mascara. Not any mascara. THE mascara I use. It costs $52. But the magazine cost $10. They claim the mascara is full size.


So is this a slip up? Or a frugal decision?
Should I buy more copies of the magazine?
I could argue that I didn’t slip up and only bought a magazine but …

I don’t buy magazines. Hardly ever. Maybe one a year. If that. I only bought it for the mascara. I know there are woman who buy plenty. Not my thing. Clothes and cosmetics are, as we know. I have a friend who buys heaps of magazines and passes them to me to skim through.

I ONLY bought the magazine because of the mascara.

Susan, on the simple living forum said, “OK, well, it was a slip technically …. BUT….. how could you pass up a $50 mascara for $10!!! However, in saying that it does make you wonder what mark-ups they make if they can attach it free to a magazine.”

What do you think? 

6 thoughts on “Use it up slip up

  1. If it truly is the same mascara, I would figure out how many I could use before the expiration date and buy that many. Saving $42 is worth it if that’s the brand you really love!

    Is $10 a normal magazine price in Australia? They’re usually about $4-5 on the news stands here, or $1-2 per issue if you subscribe.

    • I’m not sure if it is truely the same. It’s in different packaging. And I am loathe to open it because mascara dries out but might try before venturing out for another magazine. A friend said it might be full size but not have as much product in it. So that’s anotehr thought but at 1/5 the price it could have way less and still be cheaper.

      The magazine is one of the most expensive. As I don’t buy them I can’t say how much others are.o or if this one was priced up because it is a “bumper” edition. I know there are cheap ones at a couple of dollars but I think the glossies are around $8. So yeah, more than in the US.

    • I feel less like a failure now. Don’t think I will get another as I have that one and a sample of another brand in reserve and I have one I only opened in early July. It should last until November. But then maybe I will buy one more mag.

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