Recycling bath water

I commented on Blueday Jo’s green and thrifty post about my use of bath water to fill the cistern. 

Unable to answer her queries about amount of water used in flushing the toilet with anything resembling an accurate approximation, I thought it best to look into the matter. 

I love a deep, hot bath. With or without bubbles. Always have. Macerating in my juices sounds like my idea of heaven. While I always felt a little guilty about the amount of water used, that guilt ramped up after Jo wrote about friends she had who had a farm in South Australia where water is so scarce. 

As a result, I had fewer baths. I checked the water temp as the bath filled so I didn’t have to let water out to readjust the temperature by adding more water. I didn’t delay getting into the bath so I had to add more warm water. Still, my deep bath uses a lot of water. 

So I started using the water to flush my toilet. I leave a plastic container in the bathroom just for this purpose. It wasn’t very successful so I only did this for urine flushing. 

Then our toilet handle broke. So Mr S removed the cistern lid. As luck would have it, our toilet is a non-standard antique-reproduction flusher. So it was beyond Mr S’s repairing skills. So the lid stays off. 

Which is brilliant for my conscience. 

I am able to fill the cistern with my container from my bath. It takes three scoops to fill the cistern. 

Guilt assuaged. I will flush the toilet anyway so I can have a bath guilt-free as I am reusing the water in a way that is water-use neutral. 

Our non-standard antique-reproduction cistern doesn’t have a half flush. But the full flush is not always very effective. Sometimes we have to flush twice. Actually, often we have to flush twice. (I am sure you get my meaning.) So using the bath water is actually quicker than waiting for the cistern to slowly fill. 

Not that I have a bath that often. 

So how many flushes does my bath do? 

That is a question I will answer in a few days. 

All my woes and stresses have soaked away in a bath tonight. I will keep a tally of cistern filling and let you know. 

And with the help of a calculator, I can work out how much guilt-free water I use in my bath. 


10 thoughts on “Recycling bath water

  1. Brilliant (and… just how I imagined you bath and toliet to be!). See we have a bath under a shower, which the BF doesn’t like, when we viewed this place, I almost thought he’d veto it on that sole fact… so it wouldn’t work here, but perhaps in the future? I do like to use the ends of water bottles on the plants… which have not yet died… but at any time, neglect may catch up with them!

  2. Gosh, I spoil all your fun, don’t I? You know you could just fail to publish my comments, and claim that WordPress doesn’t like me..

    But kudos on your water-saving fabulousness! I am interested to know just how many flushes a bath of water can do.

  3. That is very smart! I’d tried just sloshing bathwater in the loo but it’s not very effective or hygenic. Will give the cistern a go next time.

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