In August I watched …

Remember when TV was ephemeral? You watched a show when it was on free to air (was there any other sort of television?) and if you missed a bit, well tough. If you were lucky a show was repeated, which may have been done later in the week if the show proved popular. Otherwise you waited. And waited. 

The next day at school, you’d talk about what was on, what you watched. I don’t think we had the concept of spoiler alert then. 

Then came video recorders. You might have recorded a show if you were going out but it was tough to you if people talked about a show. It was your responsibility to watch the show close to the time it was aired. 

Now there are so many ways of watching programs. We’ve lost the communal joy of watching something together, OK at our own home but at the same time and then talking about it – AT THE SAME TIME. 

Our public broadcaster develops series that I often enjoy and if you miss out you can catch up online. But not for them waiting until the series is over, or releasing one episode online after it has played free to air. That’s so old hat. Now they release some series online all at once. 

Such was the release of Glitch – a spooky thriller in a spookily Australian way. Not for our police to find naked bodies covered in soil in the cemetery, all dazed and incoherent, and think zombies. No, the local copper thinks there’s been a party and misuse of drugs. Anyway, I was hooked by the first episode so I binged. And then had no one to talk about it with. I sent a text to my sister-in-law to watch, cause sometimes we watch shows at the same time and talk by text while the show is on. But she wouldn’t because she was home alone and the show was scary. Very scary. (I screamed out loud twice during the first episode and Mr S asked if I’d be OK as he was going to bed.)

One friend, in a manner so unlike her normal viewing habits, indeed she has been urging me to binge on OITNB, watched Glitch one episode at a time on the night and the time it was aired. Other friends, at my encouragement, caught up, having missed it as it wasn’t well-advertised, but waited until the next weekend by which time I had moved on and didn’t feel the need to discuss it. 

And now I can’t wait until series 2. 

While we’re on the topic of zombies, I watched the movie The World’s End. OK, not zombies (spoiler alert) but aliens. The zombies came from the first film, Shaun of the Dead. I do like Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Funny but scary. Watch all three of the Three Flavours Cornetto, if you haven’t and you like off-beat, scary humour. 

And how did I watch The World’s End? I watched it on a DVD because there were no films on Netflix that my son, his girlfriend and I could agree on one Sunday night. Too much low brow, poorly written American crap. About five films repeated with different titles and different actors. So there to digital media. Owning a hard copy is so to the way to go. 

Let’s make another link to zombies. Well it’s a comedy about bureaucracy but that’s close enough to zombies. Utopia. I watched old-school style. On the time it was first aired. One episode at a time. Too funny. The writers must have worked on government once it just rings all too true. And sadly so. Laugh-cringe-cry. 

I used the catchup online platform to introduce our American visitors to Australian comedy, Upper Middle Bogan, a program I watched last year and Netflix to share my love of the British comedy series, The I.T. Crowd.  

Even my free to air viewing is often not really “live”. Using my TV I can pause, rewind and record. 

But as that Sunday night when my son, his girlfriend and I looked for a movie to watch, we can have so many different sources – Netflix, online catchup, free to air – and still have nothing to watch. 

How do you watch a TV program? And what have you been watching?


21 thoughts on “In August I watched …

  1. Ahhh – I do remember when TV was ephemeral and those were the days. The sheer deliciousness of waiting for the first few bars of your fave show’s theme music, knowing it was absolutely irreplaceable. If you missed it – gone forever!

    Mr D just asked me why I was laughing out loud and I have to admit that the explanation of copper + party + misuse of drugs made me snort out loud. We re-watched Shaun of the Dead not long ago and the thought of that movie makes me laugh out loud again. Happy zombie memories!

    I haven’t watched a lot of TV in recent months because (1) time and (2) waiting for GoT Season 6 nothing-else-compares.

    But we record to Foxtel IQ and watch later OR I grab stuff for legal-free on C*View Exchange at school (approx. 20K titles.) No Netflix yet!

      • I do understand re: GoT. I spent the first few episodes in appalled disgust. Mr D really wanted me to keep watching. There was a point where I got hooked with all the strong female characters.

        There is quite a feminist subtext throughout it all that fascinates me, especially/particularly when it’s side by side by so much violence and misogyny. Needless to say though, it’s confronting in almost every single episode.

  2. I don’t. Stevie-boy is furiously addicted to playing an online game called Destiny and it is my “destiny” to be tv free for the foreseeable future. I could watch Netflix on my tablet but would rather crochet instead. Is Glitch available on Netflix? Looks like a goodn’ cheers for sharing 🙂

      • My PC is run through a big screen telly (“need glasses? Moi?!”) and I can watch it in here if I want to. Gives me more legit time to crochet though. We both study media at TAFE and are up to our eyeballs in designing web pages and mobile apps at the moment so I really need that hooky down-time when I get in, not more time glued to a telly 😉

  3. I did a combination of old skool and binge watching to watch Glitch – I watched the first episode (loved it) recorded ALL the episodes *then* binge watched it. The Damn Oldest Child keeps eating all the interwebs with you tube videos, so no iviewing it for me.

    Right now, I’m watching Arrow on Netflix – which is quite ridiculous, but makes delightful background viewing while I crochet. It also has the advantage that it’s relatively mild and has no sexy times, so it doesn’t matter if the kids wander in and out when they’re supposed to be going to bed.

    • Here’s my hint re Internet download. Get unlimited. What are you in? The Middle Ages, as my son would say? Solution: Optus Fetch. Unlimited download. No conflict. Faster download. Movies, songs, games, Spotify. We need more download. Unlimited download.

      I binged on Glitch and realise I didn’t take in enough from the last episode. Too tired. Need to watch it again.

      • I’ve just upgraded to bloody heaps and if the wee monster chews through this lot, I will personally eat all his electronic devices. Without sauce. We’ve currently got the equivalent of NBN when it’s not in our suburb, so is nice, quick interwebs.

  4. We devour TV shows – iView has produced ‘Catastrophe’ which is hilarious but short (and my parents thought it was funny too – it’s British funny). I watch the pilot of Glitch but didn’t get it. We’ve started on ‘Last Ship’ which is a US show about being the last ship (or not) on earth, end of the world style. Today, from my sick bed, I tried ‘Bloodline’ on Netflix, and the pilot was enough for me to be curious.

    Even with the change in delivery of programs, iView and Netflix still have some level of delayed gratification, iView it stops being available free, and Netflix, with drop feed release. I agree it’s not the same – in Year 9, I loved the friend who could verbatim recall conversations from Dawson’s Creek! And I’d google the transcipts! It was witty!

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