Use it up, wear it out, out with the boxes

Use it up

68 days without buying a hair care, skin care or makeup product now. 

Perhaps this challenge could also be called “Show us your empties”?  As I am using up my stash. 

Here’s some the lot that have been used up over the last week or two. 

I’ve finally used up an eye makeup remover. I’ve been using it all over my face with a cotton pad after I remove most make up with cleanser and a face washer. I figure if it is gentle enough for eyes it can be used all over my face. Who says I don’t push the boundaries?

More makeup does come off. So I probably wasn’t do enough for my skin when I just used a washer with cleanser and water. 

Now I’ll move onto the non-astringent toner I bought in this range years ago. It will probably last forever – I bought the large container for professionals, not for retail sale. It’s fine for my eyes too. So don’t you stress. I bought the toner because it was so gentle on my skin. Soothing, not just not making me go red. 

I wouldn’t buy the eye makeup remover again but I would defintiely get the toner. Just not until I’ve used up all other products. (Yes, I do have another toner. Unopened full size Clarins. GWP.)

I also used up a 10g night cream sample. Wouldn’t buy this either. Not soothing enough for me. Has AHAs in it. 


Just finished a shower gel/ bubbl bath product I bought in London in March. Whipped out another one I received as a gift a couple of years ago.
Threw out a large sample night cream. Didn’t like it on my face. Thought I would use it on my arms and legs but I really hate the smell. So no use torturing myself. Out! And replaced by rose hip oil for night. I have actually mixed in some of the long ago purchased macadamia oil cause I find the Rose hip oil too yellow and it sits on the skin.  

AND, finished a cleanser. This use it up challenge has been good for my skin. I remember to take off my makeup and clean my skin more thoroughly. 

Sukin is a good brand. Cruelty free, non-irritsting in my skin, with a gentle scent, made in Australia and reasonably priced. So I will probably be sticking with this product. 

My 900ml conditioner has finally gone. This one has blue toner in it to stop my blonde going brassy. This has lasted well over a year. Maybe two. But I have two normal sized conditioners in reserve. And a couple of treatments. 

Wear it out

The skirt I thought would die this season has just died. The back seam which has been mended numerous times, just ripped again as I got out of my car. The material is too frayed to mend again. And there are little holes appearing in the material around the skirt.

It’s had a good life. Regular wearing in autumn, winter and spring to work. Definitely over 10 years old. I can’t actually remember when I bought it. 

I think this makes up for the dress that came in three weeks ago. (Nothing bought since then.)


Ripped seam. But the skirt is not brown; it’s purple.


See? Purple.


And I wore out a top. Does a slip seam count as wearing it out? The top is tight fitted and slinky material. The split seam is under the arm and over-locked so repairing it might rub my skin. I am very sensitive and break out in a rash when my skin is rubbed. By also the top is over nine years old and wearing thin. Anyway, it’s gone. 

Out with the boxes

So it’s simple really. Boxes with writing on them go. 

I like a rule like this. 

Isn’t it funny how our own obsessions seem normal but the obsessions of others are just plain weird. 

One responder to my question about boxes revealed her need to keep pink Napisan plastic containers. Really? A plastic laundry container. 

Mad, people are. 

Me on the other hand, completely normal and my need to keep boxes, completely understandable. 

So imagine my joy when I find that the writing over one of my boxes was an outer cover. Look!

It was folded around the base as if it was the box, not a slip cover into which the box fitted. I’m not that stupid. So I ripped it off and now I have a plain pink base of a solid box. The lid has a small print stating the brand of cosmetics that were inside. But I can live with this, especially as the box currently holds much cosmetic product awaiting use. 

13 thoughts on “Use it up, wear it out, out with the boxes

  1. Yes, I’m currently stashing passata jars in the laundry for canners out there, rather than recycle them. I figure a box of them would allow me to freecycle them. I totally understand everyone’s ‘thing’!

    I’m impressed with your using up! I almost want a box of my ‘use ups’. I need a regime to thin things out, I really do, cause they annoy me!

    • Funny how the collective zeitgeist just happens. I had read this on a forum, joined in and find out it is the new decluttering thang just like decluttering was the new thang a few years ago.

      • OMG! It *is* a thing. I just discovered the ‘Frugal in France’ blog off Faux Fuschia. Gorgeous! She has a post a few back about using up all her bathroom stuff. Teacher / financial declutterer / beach-lover and totally convincing me to go to every beach ever in France.

  2. 68 days without a purchase is pretty amazing. And how satisfying to use up some of the stash.

    It is so, so frustrating with skirts rip in that exact spot. I foolishly wore my beautiful Trent Nathan skirt on the 24 hour flight to London last year and ruined it. It split in that spot and I just couldn’t repair it. I loved that skirt. To get 10 years out of your skirt was brilliant.

    • You must have been so sad. Hope you were exposed too much. I do like Trent Nathan. Have some of his clothes and a pair of shoes and a handbag. I have lots of clothes that are that old and older. Because I have so many, they don’t get worn out and I tend to buy pieces that suit me, not current fashion trends so they don’t date too much. That said the cuts do change. I have a jacket that goes with the dead skirt but didn’t wear them as a suit for years. Too matchy matchy. Funnily enough just saw a photo of the Queen in a similar purple suit from the late 1980s. Think it is a sign I need to let the jacket go.

  3. I totally thought of you when I bundled up just under a LITRE of Clarins toner and a couple of eye make up remover samples and sent them off to my friend and her daughter who actually *use* toner. I won’t use it, and for less than $10 to post it, I know it’s not gone to waste. The night cream that smelled like I really don’t know what went straight in the bin, though. It was vile. My stash of bits and bobs is diminishing nicely, and I’ll possibly even be into the next GWP. (I’m letting Cap’n Sensible drive when I go to the cheap chemist and ogle the nail polish. I only ever wear red on my toes, so there’s really no point buying all the pretty colours.)

    • I am glad I am being an influence for good. Or at least, if I had no influence, you at least thought of me and thought “Lucinda would like to hear about this.”

      I sporadically bite my nails and pull my toe nails (sorry TMI) and so rarely can wear polish. But have quite a few pretty colours. Silly because they go gluggy. And so next time my nails are polish-worthy, I buy more.

  4. Well done! So satisfying to use stuff up 🙂 And learn something new every day – I didn’t realize blonde hair required special care to not go brassy! (I’m brunette)

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