Recycling bath water

Subtitle: Guilt free bubble bathing. A how to guide. 

I use the water to fill my toilet cistern. 

Here’s the maths for those that are interested, as promised.

I use a 2 litre container. 

It takes 3 scoops to fill the cistern so my cistern is 6 litres. It doesn’t have half flushes. 

I kinda kept count of how many flushes I filled up the cistern. Give or take a couple, my bath gave me 15 refills. So my bath takes over 90 litres. 

I stop doing it when the water level is so slow I can’t fill the container and anyway by then there’s a bit of dust in the bottom of the bath. Not the best look. 

According to Yarra Valley Water the average half full bath uses 80 litres and the average full bath uses 140 litres so I am not doing too bad. 

I get to relax in my bath, know I am not using the water selfishly as I would flush my toilet and I save money. 

Today is raining. Best kind of weather to relax in a bath. I get the look up and see the rain through the window. 


6 thoughts on “Recycling bath water

  1. That’s a great effort. My horsey friend always makes me realise how much I take our water for granted, since she has no town water connected to the property. Rainfall is always so scarce that they buy in water. Her kids share a bath still (as teenagers) and can only use the water 3 times per week. They have a host of other quite drastic water saving measures.

    My 11 year old has a bath every day and I loooove my relaxing hot bubble baths. This post prompted me to look up how much water showers use. Surprisingly – water saving is 9 litres per minute, regular about 15 litres per minute. We have a regular shower and I think I’m under there for about 5 minutes each time…75 litres every morning. That made me feel a bit better really. It’s much of a muchness using the bath vrs shower for us. But it would be great to rig up a way to re-use the bath water on the garden.

    • I generally have a quick shower. About five minutes too. So our baths are not that bad. Not that I use them to wash. Mostly to relax.

      You can get a grey water system installed but I’d only want it for my bath. I lose too much hair in the shower and the system would get too clogged up.

  2. I live in probably the fresh water capital of the world and it is hard not to waste water because we never have a shortage, and usually have way too much from excessive rainfall. However, we have metered water from the city so at least we have to pay for it, and that prevents some wastage. The city has to treat all the waste water so that is where the expense comes in.

    We figured out that our 38-gallon (144 litre) hot water storage tank is good for two eight-minute showers before running out of hot water (requiring some time to let the tank refill). We used to have an oil-powered hot-water-on-demand system but we changed over to an electric hot water storage tank that doesn’t require us to buy oil in the summer to heat water.

    • We have a gas (as in natural gas) tank hot water system. We’ve never run out of hot water. But I don’t know how big our system is. Growing up we never thought of water as limited. My generation grew up with sprinklers on the lawn and we all played in the sprinklers in summer. Washed cars on the streets. Now we know better. My mother is on tank rain water. They’ve never run out – being only two. The tropics gets plenty of rain. Just need to capture it and stop it evaporating.

  3. Nice! So glad this is working out for you 🙂

    And I like the floor in your bathroom! Looks like painted wood? I haven’t seen anything like that before.

    • Wooden floor with a stencil looks nice but is not good in the bathroom. Can’t use strong toilet cleaners as they strip the paint. Can’t use hot water as it wrecks the wood. In a few years I will get it tiled.

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