It was pretty once

You know I deal with all the big issues here. 

One of my current challenges is overcoming my need to hang onto boxes.  

A strange compulsion, I admit, but it is part of my green desires to not to have one use items and not add to landfill. And my desire to be thrifty and reuse usable things. 

My latest box I kept because it is, well was, beautiful. 

White satin with gold trim. And look inside. 

A padded pillow. Imagine the beautiful treasures that could be stored here!

So why dispose of it?

Lookie here:

It has a brand name on it. 

Remember the rule? Anything with a name or logo printed on it, it goes. (But don’t worry. Not destined immediately for landfill. I gave it to a kid at work. And the white satin was a bit grimy having lived in the bottom of my wardrobe for over 7 years.)

This white box is building my strength in deal with the white box of all white boxes, the Platonic whit box. The Apple product box. 

No, can’t let them go yet. 

5 thoughts on “It was pretty once

  1. That is/was a nice box and I feel better that it has a new home 🙂 I still have boxes for my 3 favourite products: iPad, Beats headphones and Ice watch. I’m sure they will never be reused for anything. Just because.

  2. I agree – you couldn’t have just thrown out that box. Perfect though to donate it to someone who can use it.

    I agree boxes are a significant clutter issue. I’m going to do post on mine because I’ve only just started to realise how many boxes I have stashed in cupboards and drawers. Really pretty ones. But they Must Go!

  3. I too find it hard to toss the Apple iPad boxes…

    I’d be torn by the pictured box – not recyclable, but not really applicable for your rules.

    OH! I’m so pleased to announce to you – today i recycled 1 shampoo bottle AND 1 face wash (the one you saw up ended). It’s a BIG day!

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