Wear it out

I have a pair of tracksuit pants that make me look like an extra from Struggle Street.

They are stretched and  baggy; the waist elastic is gone, the seams worn, with extra holes just about to appear in the knees and backside. 

I did not buy them. They were a “gift” from my mother – a hand-me-down as they didn’t fit her anymore. 

Yet I struggle to let them go. 

I never wore them in public. And still don’t, you’ll be pleased to know. They have been PJs. So who cares about the holes? A friend says I should have more self-care and self-respect and wear nice things at night. 

It is the frugal and green me that wants things to be used to death. 

Seems like we all have different definitions as to what constitutes death for clothes. 


Worn knee of trackie dacks

Should I perservere and wear them until there are actual holes in the backside? Or should I release them?

BTW: 42 days of not buying clothes. 

13 thoughts on “Wear it out

      • I lecture you, but I must admit they look comfy and well-loved. Nothing quite fits as well as thoroughly lived-in clothes. Perhaps they can continue on till they literally open up into big holes!

      • Shhh! But I have another old pair with holes in the seam of the crutch. They used to be walking pants. So soft and lived-in too. But just think. In a month I will toss out two items that have been literally worn until they fall apart.

  1. I have a couple of items in that condition that I wear only for mowing the lawn or weeding the garden 🙂 I change into track pants or yoga pants to wear around the house so I don’t get cat fur on my work clothes. Will you need to buy a replacement?

    • Yeah, these are not suitable for changing into when I get home. Could not be seen in them by visitors or sons’ friends. I do have several other pairs of trackie pants. Which makes my desire to hang onto these even more strange.

  2. I’d keep them (they look so comfy!) until they finally had a hole but it really doesn’t matter what I wear around the house because only Mr. G would see me. Perfectly understandable if you get rid of them though! And I know some people get a lot of pleasure from wearing pretty pajamas but I sleep naked so having nice PJs isn’t a priority of mine.

  3. In the nicest possible way, i thought you were FAR too stylish for trackies (like my mother). Of course, I’d be lost without my polar fleece pair, but one pair ONLY! More ‘dance pants’ or loose ankle style yoga pants though..

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