Fashion plate

I feel I must immediately counter the impression given by my Struggle Street trackie dacks in an earlier post. After all, this blog is about my journey to gorgeousness, and those pants definitely don’t even have an economy class ticket for that journey. 

I am not one who follows fashion and buys what is “on trend”, so in that respect fashion plate may be inaccurate as a title. 

However, I do like beautiful clothes and buy quite regularly. I like to look well-put-together, classic, feminine. (Which may make it all the more difficult to comprehend my need to hang onto my worn trackie dacks?)

Ages ago I started posting a stocktake on my dresses. I lost interest as I was taking photos of the dresses when I wore them for real. Time passes and yadda, yadda, yadda. 

So here’s some recent images for you. 

Daytime weekend dressing up. A spring wrap dress with a flattering neck line.c(I have had this dress for about four years. Haven’t worn it much but liking it again so am thinking this will be this year’s spring, dress-up dress.)  A rich navy blue. What you can’t see is the leopard print on the shoes match my sunnies. And I have two bluish-green bangles that tone in with the handbag, which unfortunately I am holding backwards so you don’t see the detail. 


Casual wear. And a colourful print top which lightens up jeans. The top is a bit twisted as I am up close with a friend. The clasp thingie (repurposed from a dead handbag) sits on my hip. Those (as in Fiona and Sarah) who are aware of the colour in clothing divide will understand when I say I bought the pink top in Queensland. 


Middle aged hip. And my current favourite edgey look: black leather jacket with black tights and back ankle boots, glammed up with a sequinned top. 

For those who like detail the black leather jacket is Muubaa, sourced cheap from The Outnet when the Aussie dollar was good for online bargain hunters.  The jacket is the softest and lightest leather. I know I’ve said it before but it is worth repeating. 

The boots are Italian, bought at Liberties. (Jet-setter, that I am. OK, the only pair I could afford in the shoe department.) 

And the tights? 19 years old. How can I be so precise? Cause I bought them when on maternity leave with my youngest. Made in Australia with such thick material.  I wear them in winter as thermals when skiing. (They don’t make clothes like that anymore, the old lady moans.) Oh, you weren’t amazed at how long they’ve lasted, but expressing concern at my clothes hoarding tendancies. Well, we know I am trying to address that. 

But there you have it. Not all trackie dacks and uggies. 


6 thoughts on “Fashion plate

  1. Yes, the pink top is very QLD! I like the blue dress. Of course your accessories match too.

    I got my leather jacket made in India – yeah perverse in the land of cow lovers, right? Anyhow, one jacket is not just one cow, and the leathers in different parts is different, some thinner and softer. It’s quite strange in some ways.

    How do you get tights to last so long? Surely the elastic gets worn out? A little jealous (and resolved to declutter two pairs of 2/4 tights/leggings that are never the one I pick as they never stay up right, one pair is faded, need I go on?)

    • Key to longevity: don’t dry the clothes with elastic in the sun or in a dryer. And I didn’t actually wear them much after the first couple of years. They stayed hidden in the wardrobe until my thermals died and then I started wearing hem as thermals with the added benefit that I could take them off in the apartment and still look dressed and not in my underwear. Now I am wearing them again I decided not to wear them as underwear last winter but wore a tan pair that I wouldn’t be seen dead in. Well, not until that colour returns.

  2. I like your style! I like how you did two accessory themes with the dress; the blue-green bangles and bag, and the animal-print glasses and shoes. I would never think of that! As you know, I wear lots of bright colours but few prints, so I admire your pink-print top. I have two faux-leather jackets and am not opposed to a real one, esp. if thrifted. I agree they are indispensable! I really need a close-up of those boots! I have been boot-shopping twice recently but no luck yet. (My last short brown boots wore out in 6 months so I am determined to buy quality this time). I thought Liberty’s was amazing – for browsing, at least!

    • The thinking for the matching accessories is easy done. See, I wouldn’t have worn the dress if I didn’t have those shoes. Shoes make an outfit. Any other shoes wouldn’t have worked for the day. Heels would have been too dressy, like I was off to a Year 12 formal. So the kitten heels with leopard print make it playful. Then it was very sunny so I needed glasses. Oh, have to wear my fun, playful glasses that match! Same thing with handbag. Need a handbag. Which one best goes with the dress? This one. Hey, my bangles are in a similar tone. Let’s wear them.

      Will post on my boots soon. But these pair are annoying. They have a zip on the side which keeps dropping open and everyone points it out as they think I will trip. (I won’t.)

  3. I love the dress – that is the style I would love to wear to work but I need to drop a dress size to find one that really suits. I am so glad to see that the bag made it onto the blog!

    I had never realised what a difference sunglass size and colour makes to an outfit till we spent the last week in Queensland. I loved the funky style you had when we met.

    The leather jacket is beautiful and your top is the perfect complement. You know my thoughts on sequins, however. There is just such potential for serious mayhem with sequinning. I can’t ever see a sequin without thinking of that line in the movie the ‘Castle’ about ‘the bedazzler!’

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