Archive | September 28, 2015

I have ishoes*

* Get it! Issues. And shoes. Issue with shoes. Haha. How we laughed!

Was asked in a general sense on a forum, how many shoes do you have?

Mmm! Not quite sure. Time to do an audit and wuickly before I lose interest. Or buy new ones. Or dispose of old ones. 

Half way through said audit and I paused, exhausted. 

Which tells you I have too many shoes. But as my son said when he saw them all over my bedroom floor, “You have to have a hobby.”

And all the shoes serve a purpose for different outfits, reasons, seasons, mood, purpose, context etc etc etc

Five pairs of low heeled or flat sandals. Can you tell I love colour?

I hate my toes so shoes with sling backs and covered toes are ideal for warm weather. I love the flirty look of sling backs with a kitten heel. And of course, more colour. The pink ones in the front are cloth covered. I have a matching jacket. But that’s anothe story. The coral ones in the back are new. I couldn’t resist them. And I have a dress that I had no shoes that would go with it. But now I do so I think that will be my new Christmas outfit. 

High heeled sandals. Yes, black and coloured ones. 

Work ones. Black, brown and flesh. But I can’t help myself; purple with bling! These have all been re-heeled and soled. Well-designed shoes are comfortable and well-balanced and hard to find. So it pays to have them repaired. 

Low and high heeled leopard prints. Gorgeous. 

More work shoes. More for winter. 

Flashy shoes. (I’m getting over the audit, hence the less carefully placed arrangement and photographing.) 

 I’m an Aussie so of course I have a couple of pairs of RM Williams but shhhh, I don’t find them comfortable at all. Too hard soled. 


My ski boots. I wear them when down the snow. The need for grip and warmth and stuff!

Old sand shoes in the back row (for jobs like gardening – ho, ho, ho – and if visiting a muddy place. Yeah, I should just toss them.)  And more hip ones to wear with jeans and casual pants. I hate the look of joggers with jeans so will only wear the ones in the front. Really with no support, they aren’t that comfortable. Still, when has comfort ever got in the way of looks. 

So that’s it. Not that’s all my shoes. I’ve just had enough for today. 

How many is that? 

33 by my tired count.