Archive | September 29, 2015

The But wait, there’s more shoe post. 

Black boots, brown boots, flat boots, gum boots. I feel like Dr Seuss. One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.


Gum boots? Really? Yes. And I have another pair at work for schtomping around in the wet. Herein lies a warning to subscribing to emails from alleged discount online retailers. I was sucked in by the promoted discount. Sucked in also by that these were Italian gum boots. And then I wanted Hunter ones. Really? When I’ve worn these, maybe once. Luckily I stopped myself. (But this is meant to be an audit, not a didactic opportunity.)

Flat leather boots. Boring but a staple. 

Stretchy boots. Bought on advice, not personally  mind, of Trinny and Suzannah. But the heels are not balanced which is crucial in high heeded shoes so your feet don’t wobble and you don’t twist your ankle or fall. I fear with cheap Chinese made foot wear, and I don’t mean to piss off millions of the human race, good design has been lost in the race to cheaper, faster production by millions of peasants. I really should have thrown these away. But I might give them a go next winter. 
Blsck ankle boots of varying designs. Yawn. But classic. 

Gorgeous. Cute. But uncomfortable. And a tad smelly in a plastically way. 

Well worn, read as comfortable, flattish with tiny kitten heel, sling back shoes.

God. I know, unbelievable. I have “leisure shoes”. But as my husband would say, “They must be comfortable,”meaning you wouldn’t wear them otherwise. And they are. 

Do I have to count these individually? All but one pair are from hotel stays. The one in bag is a souvenir of Buck Palace. Not of my visit when I received my investiture (haven’t I posts about this?). Yeah, OK, just joshing. Just your run of the mill souvenir from the shop.

I’m an Aussie. Of course I have a pair of uggies. I wear these as slippers. Uggboot Rule Number 1: do not wear these outside the home. 

My God. What is this mess? Two pairs of slippers. The red ones are like socks and the others are lambs wool, so like uggies without a sole. Both can only be worn inside and neither were worn this winter. Might give them one more winter and then toss them. I don’t really need them, not with ugh boots and hotel slippers. 

If I have uggies, of course I have thongs. The crocs in the front are so comfortable. If only I could find the same design but crocs have changed their style. I could walk for hours in these. The Haviannas are horrid. My feet slip around in them. I might have another pair of these somewhere in the house. Really they are crap. I know some people swear by Haviannas but I hate them. Keep them for emergencies like using communal showers and washing my own shower with bleach. (Hate bleach on my skin.)

My current joggers. They were outside when I took yesterday’s photos as they had to dry off after a walk when I had to cross a creek by just walking through it. And why keep two old pairs when I have this pair. No idea. Just in case. 

I think this is it. I don’t think any are hiding elsewhere, except the gum boots I leave at work. But I cannot be 100% sure. 

I am not counting the hotel slippers individually. So today’s total is: 20 bringing the grand total to 53. 

That’s not too bad, is it? What do you think?

And numbers aside, which of my shoes is your favourite?