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Summer is …


Trays of mangoes in the fruit shop tell me it is summer. 

Who can resist a tray of mangoes? $25 for 17. 

As it says on the side of the tray: taste the tropics. But even better, the smell is divine. Creamy, sweet, mangoe-y. There’s nothing quite like it. Shame there is no scratch and sniff Internet. Who needs scented candles?


A tray of mangoes when a couple of mangoes is never enough. 

Hot water bottle warning 

A work colleague was recently severely burnt when her hot water bottle popped. We’re talking time in the specialist burns hospital, several weeks off work and the talk of skin grafts which luckily she did not need to have. 

The burns doctors told her they see many serious burns from hot water bottles failing. They apparently want them banned. 

If you are going to use them, the doctors’ advice is:

1. Never use boiling water from the kettle. Use tap water. Yes, it is not as hot. You have to be patient and wait for the rubber to warm and you shouldn’t be putting something that hot against your skin anyway. 

2. Replace them every two years, at least. They say the Chinese made ones seem weaker and more susceptible to failure. 

So on my desire to declutter, I looked at my hot water bottle. 

Can I say how long I’ve had it? No. 

Does it say where it is made? No. 

But the brand and the standards code takes me to a British site. So my water bottle probably is British. 

As the standards have been updated, I can see my hot water bottle is many years old. 

 The British site gives safety advice for using hot water bottles. Worth reading. I like the one which recommends using them only to heat a bed, much like old bed pans. 

Apparently there are extra standards for hot water bottles sold in Australia. 

I think I will just follow the doctors’ advice and toss mine. I didn’t use it this very cold winter anyway. 

Now off you go and check yours. 

Time for a new(ish) car

I don’t give two hoots (or should that be toots?) about cars. They are not part of my view of a gorgeous life. 

I don’t car what I drive. Except I hate big cars. I hate not being able to see the front of the car. “Judge,” people say. No, I like to see. And I hate cars that have a low profile so you have to be careful or even avoid speed humps, driveways and some shopping centre ramps. I know this because  I have driven and owned such cars. 

I actually hate spending money on cars. I’d rather drive a bomb and spend the money on travel, clothes and my mortgage. But I live in the suburbs and although there’s a good public transport system, it would take forever to get to work, not being on any direct route. And I need a car for night driving. 

I actually like the freedom of owning a bomb. People are so aggressive and pushy and rude on Sydney roads. But with my bomby car, no one with a flash car will push in. My dusty, old car screams, “Hey, dickhead. Your car’s worth more than mine. I clearly don’t care about my paint job. So I won’t give.” (Exception. I will allow people to merge and even wave people in when they are clearly not pushing in. See I’m not the rude one.)

How much don’t I care about my duco? Someone hit my car one night and left their number for me to contact them. Nah! Couldn’t be bothered. Love having a dent. Especially as I didn’t cause it and can say someone else did it. See, it gives me greater freedom to stop pushy people. I already have a dent and scratch. I have nothing to lose. 



So what does this have to do with a new car?

When I say I like a bomb, I don’t mean the engine or mechanical thingamabobs. My car died on the side of a busy road. Luckily it wasn’t peak hour. But it was stressful. 

$1100 later I have a new radiator. And a list of other things on the way out. 

No, that won’t do. I contemplated a motorised scooter. Not a moped. A scooter. So I could use the footpath to go to work. No one supported my idea. Actually that would be too generous; people scoffed. 

So Mr S and I went to look for a new car four days after I got my car back from the repairers. Within 5 minutes I’d picked the one I liked and a back up. I left Mr S to do the negotiations. Not based on a gender thing. I just don’t like talking about money. 

So what’s your view on cars? Love them? See them as an evil necessity? A money drain? A symbol of freedom or a symbol of status? Or just a mode of transport?

Least you feel judged, let me say… Actually I will forwarn you. I do judge people by their cars. Just not in the manner they probably think. Wanker. Show off. Dickhead. Try hard. Moron. My sort of person. Match the descriptor to the car. 

Change of tact

Three months of not buying any products. That’s 93 days of not buying skin and hair care products, not buying makeup, not buying perfume!

I’ve decided to change tact in my Use It Up challenge, though.  

Instead of continuing to use the products I have started using, I am going to use up all the small containers, all the samples, all the hotel freebies. 

I think that will make a big aesthetic difference to decluttering. 

I was hanging onto the little things for travel but they’re not enough for two weeks (our normal length of travel) and we drive anyway so it’s not like we are back packing and need to schlap everything. I’ve been on heaps of trips and most of the freebies have not moved from their spot in my cabinet. In fact the collection is often added to with new travel freebies. 

Next step: no products in my cupboard.


All but one of these products has now been used up. Woo hoo. On my way to containing my products in my bathroom.