Change of tact

Three months of not buying any products. That’s 93 days of not buying skin and hair care products, not buying makeup, not buying perfume!

I’ve decided to change tact in my Use It Up challenge, though.  

Instead of continuing to use the products I have started using, I am going to use up all the small containers, all the samples, all the hotel freebies. 

I think that will make a big aesthetic difference to decluttering. 

I was hanging onto the little things for travel but they’re not enough for two weeks (our normal length of travel) and we drive anyway so it’s not like we are back packing and need to schlap everything. I’ve been on heaps of trips and most of the freebies have not moved from their spot in my cabinet. In fact the collection is often added to with new travel freebies. 

Next step: no products in my cupboard.


All but one of these products has now been used up. Woo hoo. On my way to containing my products in my bathroom. 

6 thoughts on “Change of tact

  1. I reckon you’re onto a better strategy! The little ones being gone will feel great!

    I’m pleased to report there’s only one face wash now, one shampoo bottle and one wash away from one body wash!!! Some success! Alas still two shampoo bars and perfumes and the b bought the wrong Deo roll on so now I have a Nivea one to give to mum (I hope she likes it!)

    Regards Sarah


  2. Excellent work!! That’s a lot to clear out quickly and it must feel great!

    I was thinking about the reluctance to throw out for environmental reasons. I do throw out any opened product that is really ancient. I don’t like the thought of potential bacteria or just the product degrading (as my skin reacts to so much anyway.) Maybe you could throw out the contents and recycle the container for a few items?

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