Movie catchup 

The long haul flights to Korea and back from Japan, both gave me a 10 hour binge. I did sleep for a few hours on the overnight back home but I got to see a lot. 

Quick, not deeply considered reviews:

Last Cab to Darwin: an Aussie flick about euthanasia. Deeply moving but also very funny. Addresses lots of issues, including treatment of indigenous peoples. (For a short while euthanasia was legal in Northern Territory [not quite a state but has its own parliament], until the federal government overturned the legislation. A few people got through. Pity the ones who didn’t.) Strongly recommend this movie. 

Spy: I initially wasn’t going to watch this. I don’t do spy movies nor action movies. And Jude Law, though very handsome, isn’t an actor I follow. Don’t be like I almost did and miss out. This is funny. I love Miranda Hart!!! And Rose Burn has great comic timing, veering between evil and petulant. 


Inside out: animated movie about being inside a person’s head. Yeah, OK. One for tweens or people stuck on planes. 

Man Up: stars one of my favourite British actors, Simon Pegg. This was a rom com with heart. And English humour. So not a Hollywood rom com. Would be good for a Sunday afternoon. 

Perfect Pitch 2: funny in the exact same gross way the first flick was. If you didn’t like that one, you won’t like this one. 

A Royal Night Out: what the princesses might have done when they snuck out of Buckingham Palace on the night peace was declared. It was OK. Bits were too false and unbelievable, as in adding modern sensibilities. Glad I didn’t pay to see it at the movies. 

People, Places, Things: a sad, moment in time, snap-shot of a comic drawer’s life as he comes to terms with his relationship break-up. What attracted me was the central character is played by one of the Kiwi actors from Flight of the Conchords. Nothing ground shaking, but a nice drama. 

Trainwreck: if you like Amy Shumer, you’ll like this. Crass, funny, brash. It was good but, again, I’m glad I didn’t pay separately to see this at cinema prices.  I think I may have dozed during this one. Or with the binge, I just can’t remember the details that clearly. 

Eight movies. I think that’s all. Not a bad effort. 

I do regret missing Minions. 


One thought on “Movie catchup 

  1. 8 movies! That’s epic, for a relatively short flight (ahem, 10 hours. But not Europe!)

    Binge movie-watching on flights is just the best. I don’t really sit still long enough to watch movies at home. So it feels absolutely decadent to be enclosed on a plane – nowhere to go, nothing else to do – and to just have ultimate, guilt-free, binge-watching pleasure!

    I think Inside Out needs more of a review! It is a wonderful movie for teachers. I reference it a lot as the primary kids all know it. It’s a great way to discuss learning skills (short-term vrs long-term memory.) I’m constantly raving on about ‘creating core memories’ with my teaching!

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