The Dressmaker 

If you haven’t seen this then go. Go now. 

I went with Mr S. Friends asked why I was taking him to a sewing film. It isn’t about sewing dresses. 

Another friend asked why I went with Mr as and didn’t organise a girls’ outing. Well it isn’t a chick flick. Though most, if not all, males were there with female partners. Still, Mr S loved the film. 

Yes, there are The Most Beautiful Gowns. 

But there’s patch works of comedy, tragedy, romance, revenge Western. All sown together with a running stitch of quirkiness. 

Kate Winslet an authentic Aussie accent. 

Judy Davis is brilliant. 

Hugo Weaving, as the cross dressing police officer, strikes a pose in homage/direct reference to the pose he struck in Priscilla

Points that niggled were minor. The love interest had very manicured hands for a labouring itinerant. And his accent was nothing like we sounded in the 50s. Told you they were minor. 

There is a fire. Which I won’t say more about so as not to need a spoiler alert. Except to say, given our propensity to bush fires and the destruction they cause, I hate them as a narrative element. 

Pfft to The Guardians review which says it is unbearable and “chokingly terrible”.  Crap. It’s good. Maybe it’s just too Aussie for the pompous Pom? 

The Independent says it loses the humour because of serious themes (loss of child, domestic violence, guilt). But why must a film be one thing?

Anyway, see it. And tell me what you think. 



One thought on “The Dressmaker 

  1. Wow – gorgeous gowns! And I have had Priscilla on my re-watch list all this term…a holiday reward to come. So I’ll have to add The Dressmaker to follow. Too many icons to miss, by the sound of it!

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