It was a mad race to the end of the year and as often happens with teachers, come then holidays my body collapsed. Hacking cough, head cold, sore throat. 

But you know, these things – the mad time line and list of tasks to be done at work and colds – pass. 

As the days went on I lost track not only of the dates but what day it was. What a lovely feeling! 

So now for some things of joy and peace and beauty and sugar and spice. 

Look what my friend who lives across the road brought me when I was in the peak of suffering from my sore throat – hit honey and lemon and a medicated lozenge with a flower to cheer me. 

And then we had Christmas. Hope it was good for you? We have a relative from California staying – a young twenty-something whippersnapper. It is nice having a girl in the house, someone to decorate the tree with. My theme this year was silver with the gold weeping angel (Dr Who fans, did you get one too?) that I stuck a green feather in. Why? Just because. I wrapped my gifts in pale blue with silver ribbon. All so coordinated! Except for the gifts wrapped by Mr S and my boys. They used cheap and tacky Christmas wrapping paper. 

I think I must have a stomach tumour or something as my stomach is so big. Okay.  Food and drink galore. My waist is protesting.
Don’t you love the reflection  from tinsel? 

Dr Who Christmas special rounded off the Christmas celebrations. (If you listen to the video of my favourite Christmas candle, you can hear Dr Who in the background.)

Saw the latest James Bond and was greatly influenced to make my own cocktails. Shaken. Not stirred. So needed to buy a cocktail shaker. And cocktail glasses. What the heck! Let’s get a matching gold tray. 

Straight into New Year celebrations. More food and drink. The weather was perfect for an evening on the verandah with nibbles and BBQ. 

Fireworks anyone? I chose the classic Sydney view. Friends with sparkling wine in front of the tele. 

Now I am packing for my trip south. To Tassie!!! 

I will update my challenges – boxes out, wear it out and use it up. And friends, I will drop by your blogs shortly. 

In other news I am half way through Wolf Hall and loving it. Shocked given my three failed attempts? I know I am. 
And I was doing a university fitness research project. I know. So much has happened. I should have told you. The “was” may be “am doing”. Will fill you in shortly. Off for my walk now. 


6 thoughts on “Rested?

  1. Your tree is lovely! Tinsel is my favorite decoration 🙂 We haven’t put one up in years because of our cats but we pulled out the miniature artificial tree this year for baby’s 1st Christmas family photos (and then promptly took it down again to prevent its destruction).

    Glad to hear you had a great Christmas and New Year’s – I hope you enjoy Tasmania!

  2. Your tree is gorgeous! I did brown paper wrapping with an assortment of red ribbons. First time I used brown kraft paper and i felt self-conscious but it turned out well. I love your martini glasses! We caught some of the Sydney fireworks on TV too. Spectacular! Enjoy your trip, and I am looking forward to more updates!

  3. Your tree is stunning! And I love the idea of putting much more effort into Christmas wrapping – I tend to go with the standard el cheapo wrap, done quickly. On the Tassie trip…are you passing through Melbourne? If we can catch up even fleetingly, would be fabulous!

    • My mother put a lot of effort into decorating Christmas presents. I love getting a nicely wrapped gift. Wrapco when they have their sale mid year is the way to go. Work colleagues loved my paper which I will use for home next/this year as my theme will be red, white and silver.

      Flying straight into Lonnie. Hire car awaits.

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