Green is not a colour I normally associate with summer. Being a Sydneysider, all our plants and lawns fade. And walking in the bush is not a fun activity in heat and humidity. 

But green is Dar’s colour of summer. 
And Tassie obliges. 

Given the amount of wilderness in Tassie, and the rain they usually get, they do green very well. Even on their maps. 

Look at all the national parks.


The biggest monster of a magnolia tree I have ever seen. Strahan.


Tree ferns, Hogarth Falls, Strahan


Pond, City Park, Launceston


Pencil Pine Falls, Cradle Mountain National Park.


Lichen growing on trees, Cradle Mountain.


City Park, Launceston


Princes Park, Launceston.



Moss on waterfall in Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park


Green as far as the eye can see, Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park.


Close up of the impenitrable bush at Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park.


Getting even closer.



8 thoughts on “Green 

  1. When we sailed into Tasmania when I was aged 13 (we were moving there to live) I remember my wonder at coming out on the deck of the boat at 5:30am, and seeing the stunning green, mountainous coastline. As a Victorian, I’d only ever known a brown, flat, dry landscape. A kindly person nearby tried to explain, ‘don’t worry – it’s what England and Ireland look like!’ So green. So beautiful.

  2. I had the same experience as Fiona arriving in Tasmania 20 years ago. It was a magical green in the light of the sunrise. Promised land!

    Fiona, I can picture where your farm is. It must have been so cold!

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