While there is plenty of raw wilderness in Tassie, domesticated nature is pretty amazing too. The parks don’t quite match those in NZ but they exceed those of Sydney. 

Take Launceston’s City Park. Sweet smelling grass and beds of flowers. 

 And some of the flowers in close up.


Inside the green house.     

 Walking down the stairs to the entrance of Princes Park in Launceston is a life-size statue of some founding father. Standing next to him, you realise how short they were a century and a bit ago; even with the hat I was taller. 

In the middle of Princes Park, a fountain.


The historic site of Highfield, managed by  Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife, has some lovely flower beds despite being perched on the wind-swept cliffs on the edge of the north-west in Stanley and baring the full force of the roaring forties. In the first shot, taken from the verandah, you can see the sea in the distance, way below the cliffs. 


Love the old-fashioned stocks!

  Private gardens are very pretty too. Flowers in Strahan include the perennial favourite, the hydrangea. Again, I haven’t seen many specimens to rival those gigantic flowers in NZ, but the shrubs do quite nicely. 

And this unusual colour and pattern caught my eye. 



4 thoughts on “Manicured

  1. Absolutely gorgeous. They do have different ‘cool weather’ flowers in Tasmania, compared to Sydney. Do they still have the monkeys in City Park in Launceston?

  2. The statue in Prince’s Square is of Dr William Pugh, first person to administer an anaesthetic in Launceston. You can imagine he would have been a bit of a hero! I have photos of my girls and their friends posing with him – they decorated him with a sunhat, sun glasses, and daisy chains they had just made from the daisies in the lawn there. No respect!

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