Out with the boxes

Remember my addiction to keeping boxes? And how I am trying to let them go?

But what if they are beautiful boxes like this one?
With metal handles and a clasp and hinges!

And nice curved edges!

True, it does have a brand name on it. And that was my criteria for letting go.

But it is so nice. 


4 thoughts on “Out with the boxes

  1. I chucked a heap of beautiful boxes during January. But then I faltered on the tins. Biscuit tins, stationery tins, storage tins…presents from kids at work covered in all kinds of gorgeous Francophile images. But I was strong. I gave them all to Mum, who loved them. But I feel guilty because I know that I’ve cluttered her life with my clutter.

    • Ha! Passing them to your mother. That’s not strong. That’s storing them in another spot. And you should feel guilty. Unlike my boxes of stuff cluttering my mother’s house. I don’t feel guilty because she has always had them. I didn’t dump them on her later. She does ask me every time I visit if I will take them. No, not yet. What’s the problem? You’ve had them for 40 years. Just don’t toss them!!!!

  2. I have a very small, very plain metal box on my desk that currently has biscuits in it. When the biscuits are finished, I don’t know what to do with it. Although, I think my teabags would look nice in it – or I can put the rather ugly butter cookies tin in my drawer and keep it as a biscuit tin on my desk.

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