Fuzhou – my sort of people

As you travel by fast train through the countryside, it looks like using the word countryside is wrong. 

But there is a distinctly different feel and different look to the cities. 

I’m now in Fuzhou. Great place. More relaxed. It’s not all about making money. Land – build on it. Building – knock it down and build bigger. Not Fuzhou’s way. 

Much more civic pride and civic responsibility. How can I judge as I only speak three words of Chinese and them not always accurately?

Cause there are parks. Spaces just for people to have fun. 

In this park, The Hot Spring’s Park (we never found the hot spring) there were people of all ages variously waltzing, playing Chinese chess, playing badminton, shuffling  jogging, walking, pushing prams, kicking a soccer ball, playing on playground equipment, roller blading, people watching, admiring the gardens. Tulips!?!


 They like tea. People who take time for tea are my sort of people. Calm. Noise free. 

And they have a tea ceremony. (Which I grew impatient with.)



And people take time over lunch, where they have tea. 


And they respect the past and keep it. The this tower. I was told it is over 2,000 years old. People are no longer allowed to walk up it. They wish to protect it. 


And they have a Old Town: Seven Lanes and Three Alleys. Old buildings retained and restored. Yes, they have been turned into commercial premises – movie cinema, restaurants, shops. But what would people want? Left empty? Derillect?  The pedestrian mall let’s you admire the buildings. And there are statues showing scenes from history and explanations in English. Well done, Fuzhou. Ignore TripAdvisor reviewers who say this is crass and rude area. People were polite and the area is interesting and relaxed. 


You know my policy: always look up. 


Look at these decorative street lights. Any city who likeschandeliers  for the street is all right in my books 

(Oh and they stocked shoes in my size. So I bought three. Only regret! I didn’t buy more.)


3 thoughts on “Fuzhou – my sort of people

  1. Wow…a 2000 year old tower right in the middle of city life. That is pretty amazing. Again, makes me feel very Eurocentric at how much I can goo and gah at our colonial history of a few hundred years…

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