We’re gunna die. Again. 

“Follow me,” says the Chinese guy, as he strides across the pedestrian crossing. 

Look to the left. Look to the right. Cars coming both ways. Look up at Chinese guy. He’s not there. 

How’d he get across the road?!?

We’re left behind, nervously looking at the traffic coming from all directions. And I’m travelling with a Chinese companion. Except she’s been westernised after 10 years in Australia. 

Don’t think pedestrian crossings give you any authority to step out. I think they are just a decorative touch. 

Even with a green walk signal, cars feel they have the right to turn across pedestrians. No give way to pedestrians as you turn. As this photo stream shows. 

Add in bicycles and mopeds that make no noise but come every which way. Amazing there is no more human road kill. 

Ah! I found the key. Don’t look at the traffic. Don’t make eye contact. Walk at a steady pace. (And hope you’re seen. But not as you are knocked under a car, joining the other hundreds of thousands who die as Meecester helpfully googled for me in the last post.)

Alternatively, my tip is pick a local and walk with/behind them. But stick close. The cars and mopeds have a shepherd dog’s knack of separating people. 


3 thoughts on “We’re gunna die. Again. 

  1. It is quite amazing seeing all these posts (especially as one who has never travelled in Asia.) I feel really blindly euro-centric when I read about the traffic and the smog etc. and it surprises me.

    I did like in the video that the pace of traffic wasn’t as crazy as I might have imagined. They looked like slow, careful nudges by cars (at least in this video.) It sort of seemed nice that the traffic and people could co-exist – edging around each other – without having to have intense directions.

    • It really was madness. Of course, when most at risk I couldn’t video.

      And visiting China has altered my perspective on things and given me renewed appreciation for our lifestyle.

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