Archive | April 3, 2016

I’m not enjoying this book

Do you perservere or do you give up if you’re not enjoying a book?

I took a break and read a quick and easy book that I really enjoyed, although the author/narrator began to annoy me there too. Rosie Waterland starts her memoir as if she is being totally honest and, and this bit is important, self-aware. But her use of drugs and men (and woman though this time as mentors) is exactly the same as her mother’s use of drugs, men and women to pay her way and find her happiness and ease her pain. And her sister is a single mum with little income, having had kids early too. Generational dysfunction on repeat. 

Then I took a break to write a blog post. This post. It all sounds like procrastination. Non? (BTW, I’m learning French. Slowly and badly. But still.)

So what’s the book I am avoiding. And why perservere? 

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. By one of the Brontës. Am I the only one who finds the Brontës overwrought? Long-winded? With way too long sentences?

A quarter of the way in, I remembered I’d already read this. It obviously didn’t make a mark then. Or I wiped the pain from my memory. 

I will perservere because it is for book club. And the person who selected it said it was her favourite book of all time! I shall enjoying pointing out the error of her value judgements. 

We are actually doing two books. The second is a modern reworking of Wildfell. I’m hoping I like it more. I loved Wide Sargasso Sea. Much better than Jane Eyre on which it is centred. You really have to read them as pairs to get the full impact. 

So, back to The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. I must perservere whereas normally I would quit. No matter how worthy the book is considered, no matter it’s standing in The Canon. 

I think I will skim. 
Readers, what would you do?