Archive | April 27, 2016

Map of Tassie

Driving around Tasmania, which we usually call Tassie, Mr S made the same (not funny) joke about the map of Tassie and variation on that theme. 

Oh, warning. If you find the thought of pubic hair or talk of pubic hair unbearably disgusting, don’t read on. 

Still here?

OK. So if you’re an Aussie you might know Map of Tassie is slang for the female public hair. If I have to spell it out – the shape! Got it? 

Isn’t Mr S hilarious?!? Yes, I agree not his best. 

Anyway, it got me thinking if it is still used as a slang term. What with all the deforestation young girls undertake, seems it is not. 

Talking of this topic at bookclub Christmas dinner – as you do with book club ladies, we’re a classy lot, you know – one book clubber said the landing strip is no longer seen much, it’s all off or a “tidy up”with a trim, depending on age.

How would she know?

She gets to see a fair cross section as a female GP. (See, another reason not to want to be a doctor. The first reason is all the weeping sores people ask you to look at. Actually, just touching people. Yuck!)

I’m not saying what I do or asking what you, dear readers, do. Just commenting that fashions about what is gorgeous are very fickle. And we do strange things to ourselves in the name of beauty. 

I’m having difficulty finding a way to finish this post with any meaningful or humorous or, indeed just any, closing,  so think it is best if I just end.