Middle-aged adolescents

A friend introduced me to Snapchat over the holidays. Apparently we ruined it. 

Once old people join in, it’s just ruined. Well so said friend’s teenage daughter. 

But you know if a middle-aged suburban mother joins it, it’s probably passed its prime anyway. 

So go somewhere else, you young things. Go join some other new social media platform. (But know we’ll ruin that too in a few years.)

Still, daily, for two weeks we had hysterically silly fun. 

And then we got creative and produced collages of our shots. 

I know the whole point of Snapchat is the ephemeral, temporary nature of the photos, but who can resist saving the funny shots? (Just goes to show, we just don’t get it, do we!)

I wish I could share the videos of my friend and her sister. You’d spit your drink all over your keyboard or smartphone. 

It’s great being old enough to have childish fun and not worry about being cool or what others, who just don’t get it, think. 

I think we need to start a sub-branch movement of mindfulness. Being present in the moment but in a fun, less noble, less consciously worthy way.

Pure, silly fun. Definitely needs to be part of every gorgeous and healthy life! 

PS: I had to write about some safe fun I have engaged in as I got in trouble from my mother for the dangerous acts described in my last post. 

PPS. My friend couldn’t post her collage in the comment section, so here’s her anonymous addition. 

12 thoughts on “Middle-aged adolescents

  1. Lucinda – you nailed it! Pure, silly fun is what makes the world go round (and helps keep me sane). Being “in the present moment” is so much more fun when you’re sharing it with a friend. I am grateful that I have many friends who can laugh both with me and at themselves.
    Such fun! as Miranda’s mother would say.
    I even created a snapchat collage for you but alas – looks like I can’t add it to the comments.
    And for those of you out there who are still perplexed- download the app straight away and join us in our quest to share the silliness.

  2. How fabulous! I saw those pics earlier on FB and wondered how you had accessorised into such fabulousness!

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