Wear it out

I’m feeling better, thanks for asking. 

Do you know how ill I was? Ignore the coughing and chills and sweating. I didn’t feel like reading; didn’t want bubbles; and I watched nothing that involved thinking. Muppets Movie, anyone?

Anyway, let’s move on. This house needs some organising and decluttering.

Everyone is into decluttering. Sorting through stuff and then tossing, donating, whatever! Just get it out. The western activity a result of consumerism. I never heard of decluttering in the 70s and 80s. We didn’t have tonnes of stuff. 

I’ve been mindlessly watching (see above) old episodes of Gok, some young fashionista from the UK. The shows I’ve been watching are quite old but I’d never heard of him before. I love his motto: shop less, wear more. He creates a wardrobe from 24 pieces. (I’d say he doesn’t live by that which is fine. Let me not make you hate me, or call me hypocritical, by counting my wardrobe items.)

I am attracted to the idea of having fewer clothes, more a capsule. But I have trouble letting things go. 

I like most of what I buy. I love shopping my wardrobe. I love having clothes for different seasons, weather, purposes, events, looks, moods. I love using items from my wardrobe and creating new outfits. I love shopping and finding new items. 

I have a problem with buying something and then tossing it while it is still good. The whole concept of disposable fashion irks me. All that production for landfill! 

I know one can donate but buying just to donate is so unfrugal. 

So I’ve been on a mission to wear clothes out. 

Except it is difficult to sometimes to work out at what level an item is worn out. 

Holes in the crutch! Easy? Toss?  No. Cause if they are in track suit pants they become PJs. 

Hole in the back of a top. Out? No, cause it can be worn with a jacket. 

Piling on a top. Mmm! Can it be worn under a jacket?

Dress material thinning. Wear a slip. 

When you see clothes fade, it is like living with someone as they age. You don’t notice it. 

Then there’s the whole concept of changing body shape, OK let’s call it what it is. Aging. Me. Not the clothes. Some just don’t suit you anymore. They worn out their welcome if you no longer look good. 

See it is not always easy. 

I want to be a sharp, a snappy dresser. But I want to get my money’s worth out of an item and I don’t want to add to landfill too much. 

So what have a worn out since the trackie dacks in September?

In the bin:

  • Two pairs of shoes. The thing that finally went in each could have been repaired but both had wear elsewhere that meant repair wouldn’t have been worth it. They would have looked shabby. 
  • A dress. I am hard on front and back seams of dresses and skirts, striding  around as I do. This one had been sewn up many times. Enough’s enough. 
  • A handbag. OK not clothing but I have too many of these too and they mostly live in my wardrobe. Or are meant to but they don’t fit. 
  • Hotel slippers. These are getting their own post.  
  • A much loved purple dress that literally wore thin. Does this happen anymore? I wore it with a slip for a while as it had become so thin but admitted defeat and tossed it. 

Worn thin

To the op shop:

  • A top that is no longer looking it’s best. It’s white but made of two different material. A satin material on the cuffs and collar which is shiny white still and stretchy material on the rest which is now too grey for my eyes. Also the stretch has gone and it is saggy. And if that is not enough, it has pilled around the side breast area where my handbag straps rubbed.
  • A top that isn’t white enough for me. Tried Napisaning it. No joy. 
  • A pin-striped jacket that is perfectly good but the matching skirt died long ago and I don’t wear the jacket with the pants. Too matchy matchy. 
  • A short summer dress. Actually not worn out at all. The material would never wear out! It’s nearly pure plastic, too hot for summer but it’s a summer dress. 

Too plasticky

  • A flash woollen jacket from a suit. Skirt died earlier. The jacket had become shiny. If I compared it with its original state, I’d probably be shocked. How long have I been wearing it past its prime?

Into the rag bag:

  • Two t shirts that have shrunk over the years. 

Given away:

  • A singlet top with embellishments that are starting to drop off. 
  • A handbag. 

A few items have been put into heavy rotation. They are on the turn and will cross that line that is “worn out”. My only fear: they’ve crossed that line already and I haven’t noticed! 

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