Archive | May 16, 2016

Captain Cook says, “Ta da.”

Walking through the city to attend a meeting on a bright, warm autumn morning, I see that even Captain Cook was revelling in the sunshine. 

Standing on his plinth in Hyde Park, looking towards the harbour, he raises his arm and looks as if, with a flourish of his hand, he is saying, “Ta da, here it is. I give you, the best harbour in the world.”

Imagine a man from a village in Yorkshire sailing around the world into the relatively unknown? How brave! How awesome!

My friend called on me to take some mindful photos of this beautiful day. It was in reaction to news I had to share with her that I am old. How you say?

Last night I watched a female comedian, Judith Lucy, who said getting old happens overnight, when people start calling you ma’am, instead of miss. And first thing this morning, walking past a hotel in the city, the concierge said, “Good morning, ma’am. Have a lovely day.”

Arghhh! I’m a ma’am. I’m old. Judith Lucy was right. 

So let’s be mindful and focus on the positive. I am a naturally mindful person. When all this mindfulness malarkey appeared from everywhere to assist happiness, I thought it strange. What? You’re telling me people don’t notice the unusual leaf? The way the light plays on the footpath? Don’t look for the tweeting bird hidden in the shrubbery? Don’t see and hear what’s around them?

How strange to have to consciously make yourself notice things. 

But in the interest of helping others see the beauty of the morning, here’s some more shots. (Are you a mindful person? Do you see it as part of your path to happiness?)

Palm trees in Hyde Park

St Mary’s Cathedral with fountain in Hyde Park

St James station with spires of St Mary’s shooting to the sky