We fade to grey

I have a higher standard of “worn out” for items that are worn in public than for those I wear at home, and under the covers of my bed sheets. I’m sure you’re happy to read that, considering my last post. 

I just popped this coat in the op shop bag. 

I really like it and am sad it no longer meets my standards. I’ve tried to ignore that the white is not white. It has become grey from washing with the black. Poor dying chemicals? Anyway without the crisp contrast, I just feel schlompy. Others mightn’t notice it. But there you go. I do. 

I’ve put it on several times, felt not quite right and put it back in the wardrobe for another time, telling myself I am just being picky. Each time has been the same. It’s good. Just not good enough. 

(And the lining is slightly ripped along the back seam. But that wouldn’t bother me, cause it doesn’t affect the wearing or look.)

It’s not like I am going to be cold. I have a thing for coats. Five or six or so more in my wardrobe. But you see, each is unique and each one fits a purpose, fits different outfits. 

Goodbye my zebra like coat. I hope you make someone else happy. 

Do you have a thing about the whiteness of white?

7 thoughts on “We fade to grey

  1. Another mending task I’ve recently done – re-doing the lining in my 2009 Leather Jacket which is was torn by my fat arms and their wild movements… or something. I love the look of your jacket – but like you, have returned items to the op shop for being not ‘white’ enough in the contrast to the black. Can clothes makers get onto that alright already!?

  2. Sorry. I was going to say something but I got distracted by lols at Sarah: ‘torn by my fat arms and their wild movements’…!

    I am sad for the fate of the zebra jacket but I fully commiserate.

    I can see Dar’s point about faded black, too. This is a very ‘Melbourne’ issue. I personally accept my faded blacks (with a slight sense of shame) but there is that sense of being irked each time I wear them.

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