The celebration of 50

I’ve been prolific, yes?

From whence comes this burst of scratchings?

I don’t know. But I’ve decided it may as well continue. And it has morphed into a new goal. 

In honour of my imminent birthday, I thought I’d do 50 posts in 50 days. 

Yes, I am shortly to turn 50. I haven’t met my bigger goals: to be slim, fit, healthy and organised. 


But then it has been ever thus. 

In fact I’ve only been successful in two changes of habits:

  • Putting my keys on a hook when I come so I don’t misplace them. 
  • Going a year without buying clothes. 

The key routine is the one that really has had the biggest impact on my life. No morning where’s-the-key dance. No mad scrambling around the house, with the end result: running late. 

But it is isn’t a change of habit that people think is one with long lasting ramifications. It’s not one that inspires people.  

No, the Great Wardrobe Diet, that year of not buying clothes, shoes and accessories is the one that produces a response in people, a nod to my resolve, an appreciation of my strength. 

Funny how it is the small things, the daily routines that have a real impact on one’s life. 


10 thoughts on “The celebration of 50

  1. Oh the cute animals marched on? (Blog theme)

    I seldom lose my keys – they are in the depths of the handbag. Sadly, last Sat night, the BF’s birthday we both went out without keys. $250 later (thankfully minimal wait). We’ll be getting some strategic spares henceforth!

  2. No way, Lucinda! I didn’t realise you were near that milestone. Well: a great excuse to celebrate. Going a year without clothes buying would be very difficult in a practical sense. Hard not to go out and replace the final threadbare items and so forth. It is funny how the small daily routines add up to so much. I’d like to say that I had daily exercise, daily diary updating and daily reading/learning something into a routine but sadly – not!

    • I know. I find it difficult to believe I’m so agéd too.

      One reason I actually went on a year of no clothes was because I had too many. So there was no practical need to replace items. I have too many again. But instead of just not buying, I’m mindfully buying and also wearing out items.

    • I’m already two weeks in of continuous blogging. So I am cheating a little. And have really cheated some more with several drafts almost ready to go for days when nothing different or blog-worthy happens.

  3. You’ll have to tell us when the big day arrives! I will celebrate from here. A while back, when I changed jobs, I was always running late in the morning, so I changed up my routine too. What a difference! I hated that frazzled feeling. I didn’t make any resolutions this year but I decided on one habit change: I wanted to stop rinsing dishes, washing vegetables etc. in warm water. I always did that because it was more comfortable for my hands, but it doesn’t seem right to be heating water for every little thing. It took me a while to remember, but it’s ingrained now!

    I am in awe of bloggers that schedule posts and have drafts waiting 🙂

    • Actual day is this Friday. Corks will be popped.

      I often feel that way about warm water to wash hands. By the time the warm water has come through, such s lot of water has been wasted.

      Don’t be in awe of me. Nothing is scheduled. I just had a lot of time when sick and then wrote some more this weekend. All need editing. And photos. But while the muse strikes, I scribble. There will be some auditing of possessions for those who like exacting lists!!!

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