Sunday in the Blue Mountains

Just back from a most gorgeous day. 

A friend picked me up in her convertible and we escaped the haze from the back burning that is taking place across Sydney. 

The air was crisp and sweet and clear. 

We stopped by a couple of antique shops on the way up to a friend’s weekender. 

A house among the trees. And birds. 

On the back verandah for drinks and nibbles, watched by kookaburras who wait any dropped morsels. 

Inside for a fabulous feast of pumpkin soup, mushroom strudel and salad. And then dessert! Oh, dessert. Choices. If only I had room for more than two. I’ll start with Persian orange almond cake. The sticky date with double serve of butterscotch sauce. 

A quick sing through of happy birthday to me, off to watch the hosts feeding the birds, while admiring the bush, especially the mountain devil, flowering at different stages. 

All too soon we had to join the other Sunday drivers on the road back down to Sydney. 

Back to the haze from back burning which you can see, sitting like a brown smudge low on the horizon. 


12 thoughts on “Sunday in the Blue Mountains

  1. Fabulous! Looks like the perfect way to spend a Sunday – great company, delicious food, glorious weather and spectacular scenery. I don’t think I’ve ever seen those mountain Devils. Kookaburras are one of my favourite birds (well, I suppose I have many favourites really) – lovely photos. Looks like an idyllic place and that hostess gets 10 out of 10!

  2. Your day sounds very similar to mine (although the car had a roof, and it was more wood fires than back burning). And if today was the actual day for the singing of the birthday tunes- we are in fact twins of the other mother and separated by a year kind!

    • Happy birthday. Not quite the day for said tune for me. That comes later in the week. But I will have cake and tunes for days. Canberra must be colder. It’s still bloody warm here. Scarily warm. Though my friend tells me that top of the Blue a Mountains was down to 4°last night.

      I really don’t like convertibles. Windy. Too much sun. Noisy. Hair flips around everywhere. All round uncomfortable.

      • Which is EXACTLY why we have a couple of hard tops! It is important to have a roof when its cold. It can’t quite make up its mind here (I’m a bit south of Canberra, and a bit west of Melbourne…) Right now, at 9pm, it’s 21C – almost the warmest it’s been all day.

      • You’ve sent me on a map hunt. Albury? Wagga? Ballarat? Oh I do hope it is the last one. I love the buildings in Dr Blake Mystery. Of course I dorm expect you to say. Easier to remain anonymous when you live in Sydney. I can say Sydney and be one of over 4 million.

    • They were very quiet. Not a laugh among them. We have kookaburras here. But they tend not to call in the middle of the day. I hear them on my walk of a late afternoon. And even then it is not a lot. So no, they don’t get annoying. The screech of cockatoos on the other hand is awful. Kookaburras always make me smile. The sight and the sound of them.

      You would have loved the mushroom dish. It was flavoursome. Cooked with balsamic vinegar. Big juicy mushrooms.

  3. Oh what gorgeous photos of the kookas. The Blue Mountains are such an amazing place. We can’t wait to go back to the Jenolan Caves next time. Those desserts look divine! What a great weekend!

    • Do you use the WordPress app or reader to read blogs? It’s funny how the reader is always one day behind. I find by the time the reader says there’s something to read, it’s a day later and others have responded.

      Yes, Jenolan caves are amazing and yes, the desserts were divine. Wish I’d nicked some for ‘ron. Fell like some now.

      • I use the WordPress reader most of the time but also the Feedly app. Agree: I didn’t see this post this morning and it only popped up tonight when I got back from work. I don’t have the app because we share one iPhone between three of us now (ha! I’ll have to do a post on that…)

  4. It’s always more splendidly satisfying to have a birthday season rather than a birthDAY. Enjoy your drawn out festivities:)

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