Archive | May 25, 2016

A year away from home

If we do get the year away we have to think about our house. 

Do we leave our offspring in it? (Can’t see them going anywhere in five years, more’s the pity.)

Implications: they are lazy shits and will not care for things. So they would have to pay for a cleaner, mum being absent. But at least they’re here to “look after” the house and pool. And we don’t have to worry about our possessions. I would make them pay all the utilities which will be a shock to their system, but will be a life lesson to them, and save us money. 

Do we rent out the house?

Implications: we need to declutter our stuff and put things into storage. Huge effort! I could stop buying clothes and shoes and wear them out over the next four and a half years (which I’m doing anyway) but the furniture still needs to go somewhere. And so will our offspring. Lol. We also need to fix up bathrooms, kitchen and extensive yards. But we would earn a huge amount and it would finish off our mortgage, pay the rates and them some. 

Do we get house sitters?

Implications: we don’t need to declutter so much as furniture remains where it is. I could take the same approach and stop buying clothes and shoes and wear them out, opening up wardrobe space. Our offspring will need to move out. We will still need to fix up bathrooms, kitchen and our extensive yards. We’d earn some money. Enough to finish off the mortgage. 

I don’t want to get ahead of myself, not having applied yet, but what do you think? Which one should I choose?