Archive | May 29, 2016

A milestone birthday

I was never big on birthdays. And I never really cared if I got presents or if cards turned up late, or not at all. 

But gee, it was nice being acknowledge all on one day. Phone calls, cards, gifts, messages of good wishes. 

I turned up to work and my office has been decorated. 

A bottle of Bolly, so I can be Ab Fabing as much as I like!

Then flowers turned up at work. From Mr S, of course. 

I recycled the decorations from my office at home. Seen here with my gifts and chocolate cake. (Latter was yummy but the ugliest cake I have ever made. I hacked away burnt bits with a knife – bloody oven is not staying at right temperature which is kinda crucial for baking cakes. It gets too hot and burns them.) And then I tried decorating it when is had a couple of glasses. Still it was fun. And yummy with lashings of whipped cream. 

I had drinks and laughter and chat and music and dancing with my sons, Mr S and one son’s girlfriend. OK, I was the only one dancing. 

Adding the decorations seemed like a good idea after a couple.

Off we went to dinner with family, about 12 all up. The balloons came too.

A complimentary cocktail for the birthday girl? Why yes please. 

Dessert too? Oh, OK. (But I gave that away. I was way too full. Couldn’t even fit in birthday cake when we got home.)

Look what my sons bought me. A bath bomb and bubble bath extravaganza from Lush. That’ll keep me going over winter. 

I don’t feel 50. It’s not that I’m worried or concerned about this movement into the next decade. It’s just that life is going so quickly.  It only seems a couple of years ago that I had little children. 

I am going to try to be a better rememberer of birthdays. Cards and the like for family and friends. And preferably early, not after the date.