Back to basics

Right! Let’s not think of what might happen in five years let’s think of right now. 

Actually thinking of now, in terms of health, will help with being active and being able to travel in five years time. 

I’m talking about the ongoing struggle journey to be fit and healthy. 

I have been walking quite regularly but I feel a need to get back to basics on my healthy living quest:

  1. Drink more water. At least 1 litre a day. 
  2. Sleep better. 
  3. Eat more fruit and veg. 
  4. Do regular weight bearing and stretching exercises. 

I’m cheering me on. I can do it for myself. I can do it for my body. I can do it for my fifties. 

Starting with water. I will fill the litre bottle and put it on my desk at work. 


8 thoughts on “Back to basics

  1. I go to the gym twice a week, mainly to natter with my gym buddy, but also incidentally to lift weights. It has cured all of my back niggles, haven’t put my back out for a couple of years now, and wake up without a back ache. Yay. I think of it as health insurance for the incipiently elderly..

    Could drink more water though. Going to get a glass right now..

    • Weights are good health insurance, Jo. I know I used to feel stronger when I did them. Will have to start again soon. Having a friend to catch up with makes it more fun. I went to Pilates for years because it was where I caught up with a friend. We’ve both stopped going and I do miss our catch up. Not the Pilates though.

  2. This is a very good quest and one we all wish we were on. I am cheering from the sidelines. Hopefully you will post many many posts on this topic to prod me up off the couch and into some walking, at the very least.

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