Comfy shoes

I have thrown out a pair of shoes. 

I bought them three summers ago. They were my first foray into “leisure shoes”. 

Mr S hated my new leisure shoes from the start. He thought they looked ugly and did nothing for my legs. I admit I normally wear something more structured and with a heel. If I am in walking shoes I tend go wear runners. Still these were so comfortable and I was in them non-stop through three summers.

(Yes, they were the start of my move into “comfortable shoes”, a sign of aging and an insult. Mr S says that about ugly shoes, “They must be comfortable”. Implication for those who don’t get it, “because you wouldn’t wear them for any other reason.”)

But they started dying. First the inside of the heel went. I persevered. Then the sole started separating from the top in different spots. Then the sole was nearly worn through. Then they stretched. And the last sraw: the inside became quite dirty. 

But never fear. I have another pair. A friend bought a very similar pair on my recommendation. While she was amazed I would take to leisure shoes (it was she who coined the phrase, as she normally wears such shoes.) she didn’t like my recommended pair. So passed them onto me. 

Quite handy having a friend with the same size foot.

4 thoughts on “Comfy shoes

  1. Those shoes are massively popular here! I walk to work in my sneakers and I keep a pair of plain black and plain brown shoes at work. They would qualify as comfy shoes. Luckily I am not tempted to wear them in my outside life since they stay at the office. There are a few things I like to wear that just will not go with the plain shoes so I bring better ones in my backpack those days. So that is my compromise. Rom will compliment me on things he likes to see me wear, but will never speak up against anything he doesn’t like. Sometimes the silence is notable but I prefer that!

  2. I won’t put my feet inside anything that’s not comfortable. Gave up high heels at 18 when I decided they were the modern day equivalent of foot binding. Yes, fighting words I know!

  3. I am internally debating the wisdom of procuring a pair of cherry red 8-hole Doc Martens that I have been coveting for about 20 years – not only are they on a proper sale (proper sale = $90 off), but they’re also in my size. However, I get hot feet and there’s probably a good reason that I didn’t buy them at any point in the last 20 years. Aside from them being ridic expense, that is. I’ve decided I can’t make an informed decision either way without at least trying them on.

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