Sucked in!

I admit it. 

I was sucked into continuing the Flavia de Luce series, even though, what started as a sweet but believable tale became progressively stupider and unbelievable and more juvenile until Book 6 was really a child’s novel with its ridiculous plot line, not an adult novel, not even a cross over novel, but a child’s novel. 

Not that there’s anything wrong with children’s literature. You expect some simplification of issues, and young central characters with agency beyond their years. But when it is sold and promoted as an adult novel, you don’t expect those things. You expect other things. This has turned into an Anthony Horowitz Alex Rider novel. 

Still, I continued to read. Why?

The style – it’s well-written. And I like the descriptions of countryside. 

The characters – I do like Flavia and her thoughts. 

The plot – however silly and frustrating, I want to find out what happens. (Interestingly if it was promoted as a child’s novel, I wouldn’t be so frustrated but then I probably wouldn’t read it, not being a teacher librarian anymore.)

But mainly I love how I learn (discover? is that too pompous to use) so many interesting tidbits and discover music I knew nothing about. 

Tidbits like The Great Panjandrum. I skim over the chemistry. That doesn’t interest me much though I believe Bradley is very accurate in all the chemistry. But finding out things like glasswort and how medieval stained glass was made. And that Thalben-Bell, a famed composer of organ music and hymns was born in Australia. And his most famous piece, played at Lady Di’s funeral, was actually a piece he improvised as a BBC radio religious service during WWII finished early and he filled the time. So many people contacted the BBC for details that he remembered it as best he could and wrote it down. All these make reading these books exciting. What will I discover?

Yes, I will forget these things almost immediately but gee, it was fun googling while I was reading the novel. 

And listening to music I would otherwise never play, not being well versed in classical music. Like this one: Beethoven.

5 thoughts on “Sucked in!

  1. I agree: I adored the first Flavia Luce novel, but the plots let her down after that. Such a pity because there was so much potential in the series.. I only got up to novel number 4 because the local librarians clearly agree with us and haven’t got the newest ones in.

  2. I know there are series I’ve read even though they have no special merits but I can’t think of an example right now. And then there are the real guilty pleasures – for example, I have read every one of Wendy Holden’s cheesy chick-lit novels šŸ™‚

  3. Absolutely love books that get you off on tangents googling. I’d love all that jazz with the stained glass and music and chemistry. Delightful.

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