Where do you stand on oysters?

I love them raw. With a squeeze of lemon. 

Had them with a yummy champagne topping once but can’t remember much about it. 

Today I had a dozen with Tetusya sauce – sweet and salty flavour. 

Only problem, I eat them too quickly. 
Don’t like them mornayed. Too cheesy. And warm oysters. Yuk. 

I’m still hungry. My sister-in-law says Ai needed the cheese. She’s not hungry. And more butter on my bread. 

(The celebration continues. Having oyster  and champagne, a spot of shopping -oops bought three lipsticks – and cocktail in the city.)

11 thoughts on “Where do you stand on oysters?

  1. Tough life, but you’re the lady to do it…

    Me, after some ‘stress tears’; an attempt at a nap; and I’m back at work. Ah storms… Been on deck since 2.15pm…. On a Saturday!

    • is it the concept of oysters you do not like so have not tried them or have you tried them and didn’t like them? If I’d only had oysters mornay, I’d not like them either. But fresh, fat ones! Yum!

      Muscles are not my favourite shellfish, though fresh New Zealand ones are great. The Kiwis do muscles, whereas our fav shellfish is prawns.

      • I have a problem with shellfish textures (shrimp / prawns are my least favourite foods on earth) and wouldn’t eat something slippery enough to slide down!

  2. Very awesome that the celebrations continue. Just the weather to be rugged up inside, being glamorous. As for oysters – never, ever! You are very brave. The whole texture issue gives me the heebie-jeebies.

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