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The realms of the ridiculous  

Please says it’s the last Flavia book?!? 

I’m onto book seven. Flavia has moved to a boarding school in Canada. (Maybe so Bradley can write about the familiar?)

Flavia is no longer a girl caught up in murders and deaths that take place around her. (A girl with an unusual talent in chemistry but still a girl. Her talent particularly strong in identifying and manufacturing poisons. Many of which I have enjoyed looking up.)

No, now she’s been admitted into a secret society for good. Higher than MI-5 or ASIO or CIA. Or whatever.  

Yes, it’s pure fantasy. And clearly Flavia has her fans. 

So why am I persisting if I think it silly?

It reminds me of novels I read as a tween. And it is quite well-written. So better than a more sophisticated read that is poorly written.  

It’s an easy and somewhat enjoyable read  on a stormy Sunday or for a work-addled brain. 

As an aside, and I am enormously fond of asides and digressions, if my Google search history was investigated, strange questions would be asked. Particularly awkward questions, should anyone close to me sicken or die from poison as I search Flavia’s references to strange poisons. 

I am writing as an ongoing process while reading the novel! Let’s see if my opinion changes as I come nearer the end. 

PS: oh, it’s just got stupider and stupider. A school of girls being trained to be elite murderers and spies!

PPS: did you know livid as being furiously angry is only a 20th century meaning? Originally it meant dark bluish grey from Latin via French and Middle English. Yes, something I googled while reading. Thank you, Flavia. 

Still all the learning of something new is not enough to continue. I have promised myself I won’t read anymore. Originally there were only to be 6 books, now Bradley has said he will write 10. I’ve previously written about the drive in some series writers for money, not for the sake of writing. This clearly has developed into an example of writing ongoing series for money. 

Good bye Flavia. 

Not quite 

I said I would write 50 posts in 50 days as a celebration of 50. I got up to 34 posts in a row but have missed the last two days due to busyness and work and illness. 

Yes, I came down with something else. Laryngitis. I hadn’t really recovered from the last chest infection. Funny, because despite the rough and fading voice and the cough, I feel fine. 

Still not quite well. 

And not quite 50 posts. But this can be rectified. 

I will upload a few posts today. 

Lest you worry about my throat (Mum!) I went back to the doctor to see if it was the chest thing back and if I needed antibiotics. No. And no. Rest my voice. 

But my cheeky doctor talked me into getting a flu vaccination. Oh she’s good. I’ve avoided these for years. Not quite brave enough.