Not quite 

I said I would write 50 posts in 50 days as a celebration of 50. I got up to 34 posts in a row but have missed the last two days due to busyness and work and illness. 

Yes, I came down with something else. Laryngitis. I hadn’t really recovered from the last chest infection. Funny, because despite the rough and fading voice and the cough, I feel fine. 

Still not quite well. 

And not quite 50 posts. But this can be rectified. 

I will upload a few posts today. 

Lest you worry about my throat (Mum!) I went back to the doctor to see if it was the chest thing back and if I needed antibiotics. No. And no. Rest my voice. 

But my cheeky doctor talked me into getting a flu vaccination. Oh she’s good. I’ve avoided these for years. Not quite brave enough. 


4 thoughts on “Not quite 

  1. Laryngitis has been an awful affliction at our school in recent years. It’s the dreaded Term 2 season for it. I’ve had the flu vac over a few years but sorry to say, I still always got sick. It’s just hard to stay well when you’re in school and sharing contagions with hundreds if not a thousand people in a contained area. I didn’t get the flu vac this year out of pique that it doesn’t seem to work well.So far, I’ve stayed fit as a fiddle this year throughout Reporting Season and end of T2. I hope your voice recovers quickly!! And I hope the fluvac works for you!

    • My doctor says I didn’t have the flu; I’d know it if I did. She says it is a whole body thing and very high temp. So, while I know I can still get any number of viruses and other infections, I suppose ticking the flu off the list is a good thing.

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