Archive | June 15, 2016

Roos in the vines

I skipped a session in the conference so I could go for a walk this afternoon. It is very dark here once the sun sets so there is no opportunity to walk when pre-dinner drinks is on. 

I am so glad I did the walk. There were dozens and dozens of kangaroos. Farmers would feel very differently from me but I love seeing them. Love seeing them bound away. 

I admit to be a bit scared around them by myself. They are so big, so powerful, so fast. I’m a wuss. I know. 

Not very clever though. Why do they hop along the path in the direction I am going to get away from me? They could hop every which way but they go the direction I am walking in!

Here’s some shots (look closely for the Joel) and a video of the roos bounding down the rows of vineyards.