A Sunday drive 

We took an American relo to Katoomba. It’s been many a year since I visited the Three Sisters and walked up and down Katoomba’s main drag. 
My God! The crowds! Masses and masses of tourists!!!  Go away already. 

No. I’m not a tourist. I’m a… Well I’m not a local but almost. I’ve been coming here since forever. I lived for a while at the base of the mountains in Dag City. I have had friends who lived in the mountains, and still have. As a teenager, we’d make the trek up on a Saturday night for something to do. I’ve done many short walks around the Blue Mountains. 

But I have not been up to Katoomba for so long. A couple of weekends ago I visited a friend in Leura, which is one stop down the mountain towards Sydney. We called in a couple of antique shops but didn’t go into Leura. 

Still, even the crowds cannot take away from the majesty of the Blue Mountains. 

Panoramic view

And I can see why they come. It’s awe inspiring. 

Three Sisters and a cousin

Honeymoon Bridge into cave under Three Sisters

The street art was eye catching. 

I love this one. A 1940s truck driving into the present. Reminds me of the student who asked what it was like living when everything was black and white – if the footage and photos are in black and white, real life must have been. 

Unfortunately the food was meh. I should have gone the soup. The ricotta vegetable slice was tiny and the accompanying slice of bread blah and the salad just a little pile of leaves. Yes, I should have had the soup. When it’s 7°C and there’s still snow on a roof and on a yard, go the soup. 

I think we may have to spend a week up here, exploring and walking and snooping around the shops. 

I even think I may have to work on Mr S. I think I could retire around Leura or Wentworth Falls. It’s the bushfires that scare him.  

6 thoughts on “A Sunday drive 

  1. You should have gone the soup! Nothing better than being in the mountains, all rugged up with soup and hopefully an open fire.

    The thing that amazes me about the Blue Mountains is how regularly people get lost or even die while bushwalking there. That’s when you realise just how rugged, huge and remote it can be. I wanted to take Mr 12 on the cable car and visit Jenolan Caves when we were in Sydney in April, but we didn’t have the time on that trip. We haven’t had a chance to go back to the Blue Mountains since we took a very mini-J there in 2011. It’s definitely on the list of places we want to take him to, though.

    • So worth going. And yes, I was telling our relative how many people get lost or fall over cliffs. It is big and rugged. But some people just don’t prepare. Saw so many walking down step, narrow, worn steps in high heels! And then people will try to get THE perfect photo. Young Asian International student fell recently. Over a waterfall, trying to get a photo. So sad.

      Road between Jenolan and Oberon was closed on the weekend due to snow.

  2. I took a heap of photos in that same alley/lane too, when we went canyoning there. My that was cold, and it wasn’t ‘cold’ when we went either… I can’t recall our meals – so certainly nothing too wow. Oh yeah, take away pizza which was sub standard. We did go to the Garage in Leura and it’s the ‘new thing’. And I failed to see my uncle, who own Megalong Books in Leura. I did browse the second hand/antique stores, and BF patiently waited outside.

    Were you the subject of the photo? Surely you have shorter hair than that (says my imagining!)

  3. Three Sisters looks cool. I think we would call them hoodoos. I’m looking forward to my trip to our mountains in a few weeks! And yes, it’s shocking how under-prepared people can be for the wilderness, and how unaware of danger.

    • I’d never heard of hoodoos before. Looked them up and, as I’d never checked out the geology of the Three Sisters before, looked into that too. Turns out the Three Sisters aren’t hoodoos. But gee there’s some great hoodoos in Northern America

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