I have abandoned Snapchat. Pah! It’s so last month. 

I’m into Pokemon Go. 

For now!

I went into the city for dinner this week and caught Pokemon and spun Pokestops for balls and potions and eggs. The city is positively alive with stops and lures. Like sparkling hearts. And with all the gyms flashing over the streetscape (on my phone) so much more alive than out in the sticks where I live. Hardly any Pokestops here. 

There’s another thing wrong with living in the burbs. We have plenty of bat-things and pigeon-things but wouldn’t you know it, when an interesting things turns up (platypus-like) I have run out of balls. Luckily I’ve forgotten my apple password or I’d probably spend too much on in-app purchases. 

Look who’s visiting my lounge room!

My eldest hasn’t spoken with me with so much animation and without wanting something for so long. He’s advised me on powering up, evolving, which team to join, when to train and battle, how to transfer, and on other things that made no sense, yet, to me. Who knew it was so complicated!

There’s also been some funny conversations as the group chat with my two boys shows. I’ve renamed them Tweet (that’s Dreamer) and Like (Brother) on the image. 

Picking a team was difficult with my sons in different teams. My choice of Blue team left  Dreamer abandoned as his FB status shows. (He’s on Red team.)

I do feel the blue, red and yellow team lacking any sense of belonging. But then I find most team identity nonsensical. 

You know how the news has been full of invented outrage at people walking without looking as they are playing Pokemon? Well, as I was walking down the street, yes with Pokemon go on, I nearly walked into a man. I was on the wrong side of the path. Totally my fault. “Sorry.” “No worries.” Oow, it’s handy being middle-aged. No one suspects you of being engrossed in Pokemon Go and he may have been less friendly if he knew I was playing that silly game. 

I’ve since found out that there’s an app using the same principles, Google maps, where you can devise treasure hunts. Someone at work is exploring this. 

So who is the Jygglygirl of the title? I don’t know. If it’s not taken you’re welcome to it. I’ve used a variation of Jyggly with my real name as my trainer’s name. Jigglypuff was the only other Pokemon I knew besides Pikachu. But Jiggly+my name was gone so, on Mr S’s suggestion I changed the i to a y. Too modern and hip. 


2 thoughts on “Jygglygirl

  1. It has been so fun at work talking to everyone about their Pokemon. Our building and grounds have 2 Pokestops and 2 gyms. Our tech team at work rolled out a little training for staff so we are all conversant in Pokemon. The kids are quite impressed with us.

  2. My house has no Pokemon. However, a quick stroll up to the hill to the cemetery, and there’s a plethora of Poke-stops. And work? Crikey, I have an infestation of Zubats and Rattatas. There’s a university across the road and I think it has five pokestops and a gym; and along the waterfront? More pokemon than you can poke a stick at. The thing that made me secretly love it was seeing people rugged up and walking around in groups, giggling to each other and talking to each other on a 6C day.

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