THE Perfect Teapot

I’m a tea drinker. On weekends, I make a pot of tea for breakfast and slowly drink three cups as I read the paper, daydream, talk with Mr S, do lists, do Sudukos. 

Teapots, I have a few. China, solid silver, glass, metal. I like their design, utility, decorative details. But not all teapots are equal. 

Recently at a BnB, Mr S was impressed with the drip-free pouring of the teapot. 

Sorry for the long orientation but I am loathe to let the world know I have found the perfect tea pot, least the run on sales pushes up the price and limits availability. 

Investigation of said teapot found that the perfect teapot is indeed called The Perfect Teapot. No longer made, they were patented and made in Australia until the 1950s. 

Why had I never heard of these gems before?

As soon as we left the BnB, I went on eBay  and bought one. My find was unused! (And remains so. It is an anniversary gift for Mr S.)

So what makes it perfect? It pours without a drip. That is a rare trait. On its own that is enough. 

But they also look good. 

And they have an inbuilt tea strainer, a little basket that you put the tea in. And the little basket has a handle with a hinge. How cute is that? A lovely practical touch. You can pull the strainer out easily by the handle to dispose of the tea leaves. Removing tea leaves from all my china teapots is a struggle. Shaking the teapot over the garden risks dropping and breaking the pot. And many stray leaves always resist removal. 

And the tea stays warm for ages. 

The only down side: the handle gets hot. The little holes to diffuse the heat don’t really work. 

Still we love them so much, we’ve bought three. 


5 thoughts on “THE Perfect Teapot

  1. I can attest to the pouring powers of this pot. Having been the recipient of a fine drop at Lucinda’s abode, I witnessed first hand its pouring without spilling a drop capabilities. Even with a “stop. Start. Stop. Start” regime, it did not falter.

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