On ya bike 

Day Two of our adventure dawned cold and misty. 

We were off very early for a 7am walk behind the scenes at the Western Plains Zoo. Two hours of walking, led by volunteers, had us regaled with all manner of information on gibbons and hippos and giraffes and rhinos. Like the difference between black and white rhinos (upper lips, herd vs solitary animals) and the absolutely horrendous number killed for their horns. (Listen up Chinese. Consuming their horns will not give you better sex or bigger erections. Fantasise in your mind, that’ll give you better sex. )

And just look at the skill of the giraffe’s tongue. (Join the dots for a better way to have better sex than killing rhinos for their horn. And it doesn’t involve the carrot the giraffe is eating.)


Did you know gibbons mate for life. There’s a pair at the zoo. The female cannot produce young but as they mate for life, the zoo can’t pair the male with another female. I wonder if they’re sentient enough to fret at being childless?

How relaxed and casual does this guy look? All too Aussie!

After our tour, we hopped on the bikes and did the 6 kilometre circuit, with lots of side paths. 

But that wasn’t the end of the day. The students performed in the rotunda at Dubbo before the trek north past the Warumbungles to Baradine. 


6 thoughts on “On ya bike 

  1. Dubbo’s always been so hot every time we’ve been through there that it’s strange to see it does actually have foggy mornings. What beautiful animals. It looks like they have nice, large, open enclosures as well (is it a free-range zoo?)

    For a lot of people in Melbourne, Dubbo is the ‘half-way mark’ on the Melbourne-Queensland epic and people just get highway mania to stop, sleep and keep going. So we have never made time to stop at the zoo. Is it worth it?

    I’m impressed you could fit in a 6km bike ride on top of everything else!!

    • Stop! Do the zoo. And do the early morning behind the scenes tour. There’s a caravan park down the road with a heated pool (where we stayed). I will go back with Mr S and stay inside the zoo.

  2. I enjoyed my recent trip to Dubbo Zoo too albeit in the drizzle (and nothing so fitness like as cycling around the area). Pics look great (esp Mr Casual Kangaroo) and no, I did not know that gibbons mate for life. I’m pleased to hear it and am sure these two are just happy swinging around together without any offspring.

    • Just read a joke. “I’ve decided not to have any children. The kids are not too pleased.” I bet you Me Casual Kangaroo has left the kids to mum. And she will look harried, worm and skinny. While he gets to lie in the sun.

  3. Love the misty day photo! I think visiting the zoo always leads to talk of sex. Everything is on display! And so many of the exhibits have information about reproduction. Sounds like it is not just me, anyway 🙂 I love watching the lemurs at the zoo.

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