Spring Cleaning

Does anyone spring clean anymore?

During the last break I did a mammoth effort in my bedroom. 

Put away lots of clothes, decluttered a few items, tossed some rubbish, dusted the walls and picture rail, cleaned the skirting boards, washed down the bay window, cleaned the light fitting, dusted and polished the bedside tables and chest of drawers, dusted the knick-knacks and things, dusted and cleaned all the crevices and details on our bed, did three loads in the wash (my heavy electic throw, the sheer curtains, the blanket used as a cover on the bay window seat), vacuumed and mopped the floor, shook out the lamb skin mat. 

Are you exhausted reading this? Try moving our heavy bed to dust and clean behind it. 

Why does dust like to hide under beds? And while on dust, why does it cling to verticle surfaces, like walls and backs of furniture?

It was quite cold when we went to bed after the spring clean. I’m sure it was because there was no dust providing insulation. 

I admit I don’t exclusively spring clean in spring. I do so when the mood randomly takes me. Or when I can’t stand the dreck anymore. Or when the opportunity strikes me. 

During my operation recuperation I spring cleaned Dreamer’s bedroom as he has gone travelling. OM flipping G, the dust. I folded his clothes, reorganised his wardrobe, washed his blankets (one had to be done in the bath as it is too heavy for the washing machine), and cleaned the windows, all the wood work and the plantation shutters. 

I have half done the other son’s room, cleaned the computer room and tackled a massive shelf of clothing. (More on that in another post.)
And you? Do you give your home a spring clean?

Would you like to join me on my bay leadlight window to read a book? It’s much better than cleaning. 


8 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. What a lovely bay window reading spot! That is a tonne of work for someone who is supposed to be taking it easy and recuperating. It worries me that you haven’t had enough actual rest time to properly recover. I hope you are feeling ok and well enough to go back to the fray.

    I have never washed a blanket in the bath – it sounds like such heavy cleaning work! I’m prepared to do most labour around the house, but I have to admit I always take doonas to the Laundromat to use the industrial-size machine. Not cheap! Maybe in summer I should try a hand-wash, though the thought of dragging such a huge, sopping wet mess to the clothesline defeats me.

    I tend to use long weekends for major spring cleans, since that is the most available time. Which is annoying, because we have a 4-day weekend here in Victoria for the Spring Racing Carnival. We’ve done our regular house clean for the week but I can’t muster motivation yet to face a mini Spring clean. Your calm, beautiful book nook might motivate me to get going!

    • I will give instructions for washing in the bath tub soon. Easy with two people. I will take my doona to a laundromat.

      A four day weekend!!!! For horse racing??? Really. I thought the only four day weekend was Easter. You Victorians have the good life.

      • We do! It’s apparently Derby Day today (aka Report Writing Day for teachers) all building up to the Melbourne Cup.

        Ah…two people! Makes sense. I still need instructions though!

  2. Lovely window! I like the new spring leaves. Your textiles are beautiful; are they vintage? I take heavy blankets to the laundromat too. I rarely deep clean and when I do, it’s at random. More likely to clean the refrigerator than dust the bedroom.

    • Thank you. The textiles aren’t vintage. The bed cover was from a chain bed linen store as were the bright cushions on the window. The patchwork quilt and some of the pillows were sown by my mother.

  3. Definitely more of a ‘mood strikes me’ cleaner of things. I think having newer homes can cut down some of the dust (and mould!), compared to my parents more Federation aged home. I also think, or at least like to think, I’m more minimalist with furniture, which means less to move/dust under etc. That’s not to say the things I do have stay clean – there’s definitely an occasional need to vacuum under sofas and beds!

    Upcoming move will most CERTAINLY show where I’ve not dusted for aged!

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