Read this before it becomes a movie and everyone knows the story

Just follow the direction/order of the title of my post. 

I rarely rave about books. I am circumspect- after all, everyone likes different things. 

But you need to read this book. 

It is amazingly well written. Oh the poetry of the prologue!

It has twists and turns that really are unique which is difficult for a dectective fiction. After all, what has been written in that genre? This is different. 

It has the MOST amazing sense of place. Drought-ridden, suffocatingly-insular, dying country town. 

It has characters you know are real people. Not fictional creations. Okay, they are the latter but they seem real. How did Turner know how schools operate? How police are bound by such bureaucratic processes? How country pubs feel? How it’s the minor actions in organisations that unravel hidden things?

So read Jane Harper’s The Dry. Before everyone else has and they ruin the ending for you. 

9 thoughts on “Read this before it becomes a movie and everyone knows the story

  1. Okey dokey! I have followed this order to the letter and it’s available at my local as an Ebook…but out at the moment. Which is really perfect. With any luck, it will be available right in the nick of time for that 24 hr flight ahead of me…

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