Aldi, Aldi, ich liebe dich 

I know I shouldn’t. 

I know I say I’m against cheap plastic crap and have written about the true cost of our cheap manufactured non-degradable goods. 

And I know Aldi is a company that apparently doesn’t pay much tax in Australia, sending its profits overseas. 

But I do love Aldi. I’ve become an Aldi addict.  

Not for their food. But their special buys! Yes, some of the special buys are cheap shit but much is top quality. Sold at cheap due to the high turn-over, small range of stock policy to get people in the door. 

Oh! I have to stop Mr S going to their annual ski sale. I mean how many pairs of ski socks does a person who only skis one week a year need?

Let’s do an Aldi audit. 

Ski pants  – me two pairs and Mr S, three. 

Skis – a pair for each member of our family. (Mr S also owns a pair of super duper skis he bought from the US).

Ski gear – a container load of socks, gloves, beanies, neck warmers, under layers and mid layers, and ski boot bags and ski bags. 

Turbo cookers – makes the best ever roast chicken and roast potatoes. We own three. In our defence, we bought one and it was so good (or as Mr S, who very rarely swears says, they are fucking good), when I saw them on special for $20 or $30, I had to get two more. Hey, if/when we have family over we need to use two and the oven to do all the roast meats and veggies. So that gives us one to spare, just in case. 

Water pressure cleaner – I should use it more but can live with dirty pavers. (Keep your eyes up, I say.)

Fridge esky – given to Mr S by my step-father who is also an Aldi addict. It’s an esky. It’s a fridge. It’s amazing. 

Torches – numbers innumerable. First one also given to Mr S by my step-father. Mr S loved it so had to buy more torches. 

Torch from my step-father

Lamps – two. Loved them. Use them. 

Light fittings to match the lamps – two and awaiting reno in our family room. 

Bike gear – tonnes of it. For Mr S. He started with their padded bike undies. Same quality as ones you pay $80 for. It was bike gear that sold Aldi for Mr S. We still await the return of the undies but in mean time Mr S has acquired many other bike items. 

Activewear – lots for all of us, including runners for Mr S. 

Digital radios – apparently Mr S owns two. (He says I need to stop. I will never finish if I continue this audit. We own too many Aldi things. But let’s try and perservere.)

Wireless speakers – I didn’t know these came from Adi. 

Noise reducing headphones – these were a god send on my recent trip to China. Shouty, shouty people! Mr S hasn’t used his pair yet. 

Shopping trolley with rotating wheels to go up stairs – Mr S often walks to buy seafood from the fishmonger and groceries from Aldi and another supermarket across the railway tracks and highway. I rarely go to “the other side”. Getting the loaded trolley up the steps was a problem this new trolley has solved. 

Heated throw – this was a gift from my sister-in-law. What a wonderful thing! With a timer, I fall asleep snug and warm on the coldest nights. And don’t bake as I find I do with heated blankets that go under the sheets. 

Heated clothes rail – we use this as an airer more without the heat. 

Elliptical trainer – the purchase of this probably needs its own blog. 

Four in one garden hedger, trimmer thing – the purchase of this will definitely get its own post. 

Watch – Mr S has an Aldi watch but if I know him he has bought more than one. 

London travel book: Top 10 London. This was great for last year’s trip. I’ve lent it to someone. 

A moving trolley. This is so good. It folds flat but is sturdy. Used recently by oldest son to move a mini fridge. And used by Mr S to purchase two boxes of bubbles from the bottleshop for me. 

And now for some past things which we’ve let go:

Digital camera and memory stick – Dreamer just had to have this for his school trip to Japan. Now outdated with iPhone but probably still in giving in his room. 

Bullet blender – this was a dud. Given away. 

Steamer for clothes – another dud. Just spat hot water. Tossed the thing. 


6 thoughts on “Aldi, Aldi, ich liebe dich 

  1. Have been chortling away with the post. I can just hear Mr S telling you to stop the audit and you continuing on in a frenzy.
    And don’t forget the things you have made friends buy – convection oven, headphones…
    Look forward to the detailed post on the elliptical trainer that you just had to have.

  2. As a declutterer, I almost have to have a cast-iron ban on entering Aldi. There is a part of me that is deeply envious/admiring of your wonderful list. And a part of me who fears it. I sat there at almost every line thinking, “oh. that’s nice. yes, I wish I’d got that before it ran out’ and similar crazy thoughts.

    Aldi really specialises in FOMO. I mean, I’m reading this thinking, “Bike gear! I missed out!” and “Those lights! I missed out!” and “Activewear! I need some and missed out!” and pressure cleaner and fridge esky et al.

    I’ve already bookmarked an Aldi on Google Maps that is near where I’m staying in France. And this is how crazed the phenomenon is…I was looking at the catalogue online and thinking, ‘Oh it’s not fair I can’t bring that hose set/pressure cleaner/chair cushions/cheap computer stuff back to Australia…’ Madness!!!

    ps your ski gear still looks utterly glam on facebook! sorry for no caps but typing with vegemite toast in one hand…

    • I know. It is scary. All that stuff.

      And you made me remember I forgot the cast iron Aldi cooking pans we have. Three. Round flat one. Saucepan. Baking tray. Just as good as the xxxey French brand.

      I’ve never heard of FOMO. It definitely fits Mr S’s constant visits to Aldi and his response when he reads the Aldi catalogue.

      Did you know Aldis in different countries stock different special buys. You might get some interesting stuff in France. Won’t fit in your backpack but.

  3. That’s an impressive list! Sounds like the kind of things I would buy on impulse from Costco. We don’t have Aldi or Lidl here. When I saw an Aldi in the UK, I couldn’t resist going in for a look! I had to look up esky (we just say cooler). I like the lamps! I am currently on a quest for bluetooth headphones.

    • It’s definitely a list. Not sure if it is impressive in a good way, speaking as it does of consumerism. I was reminded of something I left off. Way too much!

      Re esky. The kiwis call them chilly bins!

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