Assaulting our senses and sensibilities

Shop windows loud with placards so exclamatory they make one’s eyes jump. (Thank you J.B.Priestley for that phrase. I love the “with placards so exclamatory.)

I’m not a frequenter of shopping centres. The noise, the crowds, the commercialism rankles me. I tend to limit myself to my minor Westfield shopping centre – it has enough choice for me – and within that centre I tend to limit myself to one department store. The one that plays gentle music and has more open space and fewer people. Even so, going once every ten weeks is enough for me. Add to this going once every ten weeks into the city. 

I hate the visual pollution of shouty shop signs. 

I could never work in sales. I’d be telling people they don’t need to buy. And, indeed, they shouldn’t go into debt to buy whatever it was I might be selling. This product wont give them happiness. Go out and do something. Go for a walk somewhere nice in the fresh air, close to nature. Read a book. Talk to family friends. 

Though all this aside, I can shop with the best of them. And I just bought a CD of a local up and coming artist (Alex Lahey, listen to her on YouTube) from the shop in the picture above.  Ahhh, inherent inconsistencies, I embrace you. 

But let’s make a start and not buy from any shops with shouty placards so exclamatory. 

Down with visual pollution!


4 thoughts on “Assaulting our senses and sensibilities

  1. Love it! I am liking your JB priestly quotes too – remind me which book of his you are reading?

    I am eternally grateful that my wee city is not big enough to support a mall. I agree with the assault on the senses, it is positively overwhelming. I LOVE the shop assistants who quietly direct me towards a cheaper/better product. They are wonderful, and always make me want to go back to that shop, so maybe you do have a future in sales after all!

    • His book is English Journey: an account of his wanderings around England in the depression. It’s fabulous. If you see it in a second hand shop, get it. A couple of decades ago Folio did a reprint and gave it as their tempting for subscription so you might find a copy. (You know those ads to subscribe to “quality” hard cover editions of books?)

      As to assaulting our sensibilities, I also hate loud music in shops and walk out if it is playing.

  2. Listened to some Alex Lahey. Very good! Happy you supported Record Store Day. Our local convenience store was plastered with cigarette ads until they were banned. After taking down the ads, they weren’t replaced with any others and it is surprisingly sedate!

    • I listened to Alex Lahey on repeat – Ypu think you do like people like me. Let’s go out and have fun tonight. B Grade university. Leave me. Went to sleep and woke up with her songs in my head.

      Watched a Crowded House concert that was live last night on TV. Now I have their songs in my head. They were BIG here 20 years ago and reunited for a 20 year reunion. Twitter went off last night from Aussies watching. Might play their songs on loop for a bit.

      Except today I will be listening to a band whose concert I am buying tickets to. Another 20 anniversary. This time of one of their albums. Band is Spiderbait. Love them. Prefer the songs where the female sings. Don’t enjoy the heavy metal sounding tunes.

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