Caveats & reviews

Deborah Ross is a film reviewer who makes me, and a lot of people, laugh. She also expresses her thoughts much more eloquently, and humorously than I, hence she is a highly paid writer and I am a blogger without national syndication. (I don’t know if syndication is the right word; another reason I am not a paid writer but I think you know what I mean. I do value your reading but I don’t have many of you.)

I had to share her explanation of caveats for films she thinks are wonderful. (I know she will value the subsequent growth in her readership.)

See, when I like a book, I often still have concerns. And sometimes my readers think I found the book unsatisfactory. Such as my review on The Girl with all the Gifts. 

Here’s what Ms Ross said:

You will have registered the buzz surrounding La La Land and clocked its seven Golden Globe wins and 11 Bafta nominations. However, I know you won’t believe it’s wonderful unless you hear it directly from me, so here you are: it’s wonderful. Mostly. It’s wonderful, with a few caveats. I feel bad about the caveats but if you have caveats and repress them, it can make you quite ill in later years. Best to get them out there. But just so we’re clear: La La Land with caveats is still more wonderful than almost anything else.

Now you probably want to know what her caveats on La La Land are. Well you will just have to google her. This was not the point. It was that that even when you think something is wonderful, you can still have caveats. So too even if you enjoy something and don’t think it is wonderful but just OK and worth whiling away some time on, doesn’t mean you don’t have caveats. 

So please don’t take my caveats as a condemning of a book or film. 

And if want to laugh, read Deborah Ross’ review of Gone Girl. 

As to my view of La La Land. I loved it and I have no caveats. It was wonderful. Go see it. On the big screen. Don’t wait for it to come out, well you can’t say DVD anymore, but whatever it is that movies come it on after movie cinema release. 


7 thoughts on “Caveats & reviews

  1. Can’t wait to see La La Land. Sometimes I repress my caveats about everything because it’s tiresome being a grinch. I don’t think I can look at anything uncritically. I still like what I like!

  2. I did as instructed and went to see La La Land. Yes – I enjoyed it BUT I do have caveats. As I don’t wish to spoil this for your readers, I will discuss later.
    I like this idea of not repressing our caveats!
    AND was very excited to see a HILL scene as per one of your recent posts. I was very tempted to whip out my phone and snap a pic for you.

    • So why didn’t you whip out your phone? Was it the hill scene in La La Land? Does that count seeing as it wasn’t an English film and they were on what is more of a cliff than a gently sloping small English hill?

      • Not brave enough (obnoxious even?) to disturb everyone in order to take a pic.
        But yes, it was that scene. Although mainly occurring in English movies, I think you should add them to the count.

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