Sydney storms

It’s a Twitter hashtag you know? 

We’re not quite tropical but we’re not wussy either. Summer storms are frequent and intense. 

Not for us the gentle misty rain of England and Tassie. We have down pours like someone is tipping a bucket over a mile wide. Gutters and roads can’t cope. It last for an hour. And then the sun comes out and the soil is only wet an inch deep. The water had run away. After flooding streets. 

Then there’s the hail storms. We’ve had a few. This weekend’s one was a doozy. 

I used to love storms. Until I became an adult. Then the storms lost their thrill. If I wasn’t a house owner I wouldn’t be worried. Now damage will cost me. Money. And time. Ah, for the thrill of a good storm without worrying about costs!


4 thoughts on “Sydney storms

  1. Wow! Those are huge hail-stones. I wouldn’t want to be out in that – you’d end up bruised. I hope your car didn’t suffer damage. There was a big hail-storm in Melbourne while we were living in Sydney and I knew a lot of people who had their cars badly damaged, as well as the house. Is everything intact?

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