Watching in the rain

So there I was hoping it would rain. 

I bought a super umbrella. It’s inside out. 

I love good design. I love innovation. I love things that work. Here’s the man at work with video of the prototype that got me. 

I just wanted a little rain so I could test out my umbrella. Except it hasn’t stopped raining. Sorry, Sydney.

Anyway I’ve caught up on some movies. So all good. Here’s the movies in order of you must watch it to OK, if you want to waste some time. 

You simply must see the French film La Famille Bélier. It was so beautiful, I cried. Iit’s not a tragedy. It’s just a gorgeous tale of growing up with great singing and  humour. 

The novel The Light Between the Oceans was overly melodramatic for me. Likewise the movie, but I think the tale works better as a film. I kind of wished I had seen it on the big screen as the landscape is amazing. The acting is good but yeah, the story is soapy. 

Oldboys is a poignant road trip movie right down to the big classic American car. Except it’s Danish and set in Sweden. 

Another road trip movie, this one across Australia, Thunderstruck was silly. In some bits, really silly but it doesn’t pretend to be a deep piece of art and so you start watching with no expectations. 

If it stops raining, I might go on an adventure. For now it’s movies and books. Oh and planning my trip to France. 


4 thoughts on “Watching in the rain

  1. If it ever stops raining here I might venture out as far as the garden and that would be an adventure for me at the moment. I have been watching some of the Jane Austen dramas and films being shown on a Sunday over here – I like a good period drama when the waether bad outdoors.

  2. Oooh – road trip movies!! And a great French film! What wonderful recommendations 😀 How delicious to have summer-endcrain and a trip to plan!

  3. Clever umbrella design! I like rain. It has been raining buckets today – such a nice change from the cold weather of the last week. It’s melting the deep snow on the ground. I put my name on the library hold list for La Famille Belier – sounds good!

  4. Oh that umbrella – first I saw it was with one of my friends who loves gadgets! I’m OH so tempted as I have one (Oroton) Umbrella, and I want one that’s ‘better’. I almost bought one on Tue at Cancer Council (another set of sunnies – thank you for recommending them), but I didn’t cause I figured they’d fail some way or another. Today at the art gallery there was a $80 umbrella with no sharp pointed ends, and supposedly good in wind, but the cost wasn’t enough to jump on it, so I photographed to ponder purchase… Ha not too different to your umbrella when I convert the 45GBP!

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